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Introducing Bacula Enterprise

Let us take a closer look at the main components of Bacula Enterprise and the seamless exchange of data and commands among them.

Bacula Enterprise consists of five key components:

  1. Director that supervises all the backup, restore, verify and archive operations.
  2. Storage Daemon that stores file attributes and data to the physical backup media.
  3. File Daemon (Client) is installed on each machine to be backed up.
  4. Catalog maintains file indexes for all backed-up files.
  5. Consoles allow users to interact with the Director, available in two versions:
    • a text-based console interface (bconsole),
    • a web interface (BCenter).

For more detailed information, refer to the Bacula Enterprise Documentation.

Additionally, with the Bacula Enterprise Trial, you will also find three documents related to specific features:

  • The Global EndPoint Deduplication Plugin: to help you test the Bacula Enterprise deduplication feature for both the Storage Daemon and the File Daemon (the agent), download the technical datasheet here.
  • Cloud Connectivity: an overview into architecture and gateways.