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Introducing Bacula Enterprise

 Let’s have a look at the main components of Bacula Enterprise Edition and how the data and commands flow between them.



Bacula Enterprise Edition is composed of five main components:

  • The Director which supervises all the backup, restore, verify and archive operations.
  • The Storage Deamon is the software that performs the storage of the file attributes and data to the physical backup media.
  • The File Daemon or Client is installed on each machine to be backed up.
  • The Catalog is responsible for maintaining the file indexes for all files backed up.
  • The Consoles allow the user to interact with the Director. It is available in two versions:
    • A text-based console interface, called bconsole.
    • A web interface, called BWeb Management Suite.

For more detailed information, please refer to our main manual.

With the Bacula Enterprise Trial , you will also find three documents related to specific features:

  • The Global EndPoint Deduplication plugin: to help you test the Bacula Enterprise deduplication feature for both the Storage Deamon and the File Daemon (the agent), download the technical datasheet here.
  • Cloud Connectivity: an overview into architecture and gateways.