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Bacula Enterprise 16.0.7 released!

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Updated 29th August 2023, Ludovic Piquerez

16.0.7 is the new reference release. Please consult the release notes for more information (https://tickets.baculasystems.com/portal/support/kb/misc/releaseNotes/16.0.html#release-16-0-7-11-july-2023).

Some of the fixes and improvements brought by the new Bacula Enterprise 16.0.7:
– Single Item Restore (SIR) is now supported with the VMware plugin backup from vSphere running versions 7 and 8
– The Proxmox plugin’s VMA backup jobs are now structured for getting the best dedup ratio

Please log in to the customer portal and click “New version 16.0.7!” in the top right corner to access the latest Bacula Enterprise release.

About the author
Ludovic Piquerez
Ludovic Piquerez is the Director of Support at Bacula Systems. He worked in the IT support domain in various demanding industries specialized in healthcare, energy, technology and media. He founded his own company in IT services and developed it into a sustainable business in which open-source software integration was one of the main activities. In his late experience as IT Manager Europe, he implemented healthcare regulations. Ludovic has mentored teams of experts in three different continents. He has successfully resolved issues in challenging environments and succeeded in managing many parallel projects in a multi-customers environment. Ludovic holds a bachelor in Computer Science, major in Management Systems and a Master degree in Social and Political Sciences. He is certified in IT service management (ITIL) and IT governance (COBIT).
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