SAP backup and recovery software solution for all media types.

The Bacula Enterprise SAP backup and recovery plugin implements the official SAP BACKINT interface, which simplifies backup of SAP, using traditional SAP database tools. This plugin is the official SAP backup and recovery Implementation with Bacula Enterprise. It is fast and simple to use.

Key BenefitsSAP backup
• Uses official SAP BACKINT implementation
• Provides a BC-BRI backup interface for Oracle
• Allows data recovery on both installed and uninstalled SAP machines
• Available for Red Hat

The best of SAP, Oracle and Bacula

The SAP backup plugin uses various techniques, best practices and combined strategy to backup SAP and can be combined with the Bacula Enterprise Oracle SBT plugin to allow direct data transfer between Oracle RMAN and Bacula Enterprise. Once the SAP plugin is installed, it runs backups and restores simultaneously and works transparently in the background. The backup administrator can benefit from Bacula Enterprise edition multiplexing features to run backups and recoveries in parallel. Media used by Bacula Enterprise are available to backup SAP, which can use the same devices as Bacula Enterprise exclusively or share them with other backup types.


• The SAP backup plugin is compatible with Bacula Enterprise Edition version 6.6 and higher
• The current Bacula Enterprise backup SAP plugin implements the backup and recovery interface for:
• BC-BRI BACKINT Interface for Oracle databases

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