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Back up and restore your databases, easily and smoothly, with Bacula Enterprise dedicated plugins!

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Updated 15th September 2022, Rob Morrison


Back up and restore your databases easily and securely with Bacula Enterprise dedicated plugins!
Whatever is your database, enjoy an easy and secure backup and restore process of your data thanks to our dedicated plugins:


MySQL plugin, allowing Dump and Binary mode combination.
PostgreSQL plugin, designed to simplify the backup and restore of your PostgreSQL cluster.
MS SQL plugin, included in the VSS plugin with 14 more Windows components.
Oracle plugin, improving backup performance by using a block-level implementation.
Enterprise Edition
, the leading Enterprise Open Source Network Backup
& Restore software solution, brings you even more database plugins
to allow you a better and more secure Backup & Restore process,
without requiring specific knowledge of your database(s).
With Bacula Enterprise and its database plugins:


  • Enjoy a direct, easy and secure Backup & Restore process of your database(s)
  • Increase your DBMS backup efficiency
  • Implement a global DBMS backup vision
specific features of the database plugins will help you to include even
more databases in your overall Back up & Restore strategy. Here are
some examples:

  • In MySQL plugin, the Point in Time Recovery feature is available for both Dump and Binary backup techniques and will automatically back up vital meta data information.
  • The Oracle plugin now implements the RMAN API SBT that eliminates the need to write files to local disks first.
  • The PostgreSQL plugin allows the administrator to back up PostgreSQL server(s) in a“hot backup” mode, with WAL files backup.
  • The MS SQL plugin features full and differential back ups and allows a restore at database level.
Enteprise Edition Database plugins offer much more so do not hesitate
to read our documentation, visit our Web site or contact us!
Become a Bacula Expert with Bacula Systems training programs Admin I and Admin II and get BWeb Management Suite for free!
For more information, www.baculasystems.com/contactus

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