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File backup software for enterprise data center.

The file backup software approach is core to Bacula. This means that Bacula will always consider complete files (with owner, group and permission attributes) when it runs a file  backup job. For instance, an incremental file backup will check if a file has changed and, if this is true, the complete file will be transferred to the Storage Daemon and be written to volume.

There are however, cases in which this is undesirable:

  1. when you have big files of which only a small portion changes;
  2. when you have a lot of similar or even identical files and you do not want to transfer them over and over again.

file backup software

For the first case, Bacula Enterprise backup file software offers the Delta plugin that will change the file backup behaviour of Bacula to a block-based approach, which can save a lot of storage space if your incremental changes of files are small compared to the overall file sizes.

For the second case, our Global Endpoint Deduplication feature is the solution of choice. The deduplication engine will also treat your data with variable block sizes and will only write a pointer into the Bacula volume if a block is already present in the dedupe containers. This is especially useful in virtual environment where you have lots of identical machines (e.g. Windows servers) where the system hard disk files look nearly identical. The savings are enormous compared to a traditional file backup software approach. Bacula Enterprise gives a professional IT department a vast range of advantages that mean flexibility and choice for the user. The scalability advantages, in terms of both physical size – and cost reduction – over legacy solutions is enormous. Contact one of our senior experts today to find out how your IT department can benefit from best enterprise backup software available.


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