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Kubernetes Clusters are Go!

  • October 9, 2019

Today Bacula Systems announced its new module, specifically for safeguarding Kuberbetes Clusters. This announcement is just one more step in Bacula's leadership in backup and recovery of Container deployments and environments, and follows on from its previous announcement regarding backup and recovery of Docker and its external volumes.

Users of Kubernetes in production need a strategy for restoring and upgrading clusters. In case a cluster goes into an unrecoverable state, a backup is needed to go back to the previous stable state of the Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes cluster level backups give DevOps teams the tools to back up and restore their entire Kubernetes clusters (automatically) and restore them with a single action to a known-good state and minimize production interruption. In other words, speed and efficiency of restores always needs to be considered even in a highly automated and resilient containerized environment.

And there's more: Bacula Systems is offering followers of this technology the chance to register for its Containers Early Adoption Program, which will give timely updates of new developments, white papers, and even new software to try out. You can register on this page.

By the way, this exciting module is available at no extra cost with Bacula Enterprise! Why not get started with the Bacula Enterprise Trial Version?

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