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General Availability of 12.8.3

  • November 5, 2021 (Last Updated: December 24, 2021), Ludovic Piquerez

Bacula Systems announces the release of Bacula Enterprise 12.8.3. Its especially broad feature set is wider than ever - and this amazing range of compatibility is set to expand further still in new releases, coming soon. Stay tuned, and don't hesitate to contact your support team for further insight into Bacula's newest additions, listed below!

- Microsoft 365 Plugin
- XenServer Single Item Restore support
- HyperV VSS Single Item Restore support
- VMware vSphere Automatic Permission detection
- HyperV Non-VSS Plugin with Incremental/Differential support
- SAP HANA 1.50 Support
- Redhat OpenShift Plugin
- vSphere HotAdd and NBDSSL transport method added

BWeb Management Center Features
- New Event Dashboard
- VMware Instant Recovery support
- Automatic syntax checking of the vsphere configuration file
- Autochanger page improvements
- Add ability to push full and restricted console configuration to remote hosts

Misc Features
- Plugin Object Status support
- Job Storage group support
- SDPacketCheck FileDaemon used to control the network flow

More information and examples may be found in the "New Features" section of the main manual.

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