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Server Backup Software Solutions from Bacula Systems.

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Server backup tools for huge data centers and distributed IT environments.

Traditionally, the best enterprise server backup software scales very well for big server infrastructures in one or more data centers. The solution’s ability to handle a large number of backup servers, backup jobs, storage daemons, volumes/pools on disks and tape media makes it the perfect candidate for your server backup software.

The best server backup tools can (but does not need to) have distributed architecture:

  • Director,
  • Storage Daemon(s),
  • Catalog,
  • Console(s),
  • File Daemon(s),

best server backup software solution

As a result, the best enterprise server backup software is especially flexible, modular and customizable. If your number of servers increases, you can simply add more File Daemon(s) and jobs, or add more Storage Daemons to handle the load. The same happens when you connect a second (or third, fourth …) data center or want to do disaster recovery scenarios. Your server backup tools will run within your data centers or across multiple sites via copy and migration jobs to the remote SDs.

Not only is file-based backup on your servers supported, but also the applications served by the system are managed properly by our backup server solutions.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership – with Bacula’s server backup software,  you can eradicate high license fees and license-based maintenance costs. Try out any server backup and calculate your backup system costs. The best solution does not charge by data volume, which means the opportunity to avoid vendor lock-in and instead be free to scale up is now in the users’ hands.

Bacula Systems’ server backup software and tools offers support for the major databases incl. Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Exchange backup support, LDAP/Active Directory backup support, covering server backup to the full extent. The broad hypervisor support enables users to backup VMware, Hyper V, KVM, Proxmox, Red Hat and XenServer easily making virtual server backup easier.

The Best Server Backup Software Key Features

  • The system architecture is designed for medium and large enterprises, and is compatible with all endpoint types: desktops, virtual and physical machines
  • It is an especially stable, reliable and is a certified enterprise backup software
  • Bacula is easy to set up and highly scalable to many 1,000’s of enterprise servers
  • A highly advanced universal data backup deduplication software, used in combination with your storage vendor (primary data storage) or completely independently
  • Support of most Linux modern distributions (RHEL, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows, MacOS X, AIX or Solaris
  • Configurable for high availability in a clustered enterprise-level environment
  • Allows enterprise data backup (and recovery) to all storage destinations such as disk, tape, robotic media libraries and cloud
  • Enterprise data backup management features for cloud backup, carefully managing and restoring cloud data at vastly reduced costs compared to other vendors
  • Enterprise levels of security built into every layer of data backup software
  • An especially wide range of interoperability with enterprise-level SQL databases. Advanced modules currently exist for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SAP, SAP HANA and SQLite
  • Deployment has a very low cost, bringing advanced capabilities into a very wide range of virtualized environments
  • Ideal data backup software for managed service providers, hosting providers, data centers and in public or private clouds (Bacula for the Cloud) and offers Client Initiated Backup

Further help on the best server backup software

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