Backup virtual machine with our software solution without data volume price traps. VM backup software solutions.

Virtual server backup software
Bacula Systems’ virtual machine backup software brings you backup and replication for hypervisor environments of any size, when used with Bacula Enterprise Edition version 10 and higher. This virtual machine backup solution also provides a variety of fast and flexible recovery options, including entire virtual machines (VMs) and application items. Our virtual server backup software offers further performance and efficiency gains via Global Endpoint Deduplication, and a range of other specific controls. Bacula Systems offers the most comprehensive VM hypervisor support in the industry, providing you with a virtual machine backup solution that has a far wider compatibility range than its competitors.


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What does our Virtual Server Backup Software deliver?

Hyper-V VM Backup
Backup and restore of Hyper-V virtual machines at block level is supported with full level backups, using the VSS API. When used with the Global Endpoint Deduplication and the ‘bothsides” FileSet option, the amount of data transfer and storage use is minimized, usually to a great extent.

VMware VM Backup
Backup and restore of VMware ESXi hosts using vSphere. This native integration means that the Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology from VMware ensures only blocks that have changed since the initial Full, and/or the last Incremental or Differential backup are sent to the current Incremental or Differential backup stream to reduce network load and deliver more efficient backups. Bare metal recovery is also included.

VMware Instant File-Level Recovery. So Quick. So Easy
Bacula Enterprise Edition’s Single File Restore for VMware comes with industry-leading speed and convenience. Finding and restoring single files is now so fast and easy, you need to see it to believe it. From entire physical environments to virtual machines, entire servers, applications, single files and folders or granular application objects, Bacula Enterprise Edition together with the VMware VM backup tools bring backup and data recovery to large data centers with industry leading cost efficiency.




When you have to restore an important file that has become corrupted or lost, and it was backed up to a virtual machine, Bacula Enterprise’s Single File Restore for virtual machines becomes particularly useful. It means you can avoid restoring a complete virtual machine – and save a lot of time. Often, recovery situations only actually call for single files to be restored from the backup. In these instances, the time-saving is huge – because you simply recover the individual files required.

Perform Single File Restore From a Large Range of Virtual Machines and Servers
Bacula Enterprise Edition does File Level Restores (FLR) for all Virtual Machines that run File Systems and Guest OS’s that are supported by VMware. VMware Single File Restore by Bacula is compatible with an exhaustive system-range, including Windows, Linux, LVM support, EXT4, EXT3, and XFS, Windows FAT, NTFS, multidrive – and much more. Full, Incremental and Differential backup are each supported.

Enjoy Interface Flexibility in our Virtual Server Backup Software
Control virtual machine backup the way you want. Both text interface, and/or BWeb Management Suite are perfect ways to exploit the power of our virtual machine backup solution. This means you are completely enabled to use either customized scripts, or go even more quickly with an easy, informative GUI interface. You can mix and match these interfaces to suit your personal needs.

KVM Virtual Machine Backup and Replication
Backup and restore of KVM virtual machines at file level, via the libvirt KVM virtual machine management interface. KVM snapshot and incremental VM backup. Virtual machine backup of KVM hypervisor also works when virtual machines are in the running mode.

Xen Virtual Machine Backup and Replication
Bacula has a specific solution for Xen backup. Backup Citrix XenServer virtual machine with Bacula Enterprise Edition to automate, speed up and make Xen data recovery much easier.

Proxmox Virtual Environment Backup and Restore
Exploit Bacula special capabilities for Proxmox backup and restore

Further Virtual Machine Backup Software Performance Acceleration with Global Endpoint Deduplication
Global Endpoint Deduplication is an industry-leading technology that analyzes data at the block level, then stores only new blocks and uses references in Bacula volumes to blocks that are stored in the Deduplication engine. This not only saves network bandwidth usage during virtual server backup, but also storage space, which it achieves by only sending a File Daemon’s unknown blocks to the Storage Daemon. It makes backup of a virtual machine more sensitive to your hardware costs.

Aligned Volume Deduplication For VM Backup Tools
Allows you to benefit from built-in deduplication features designed in filesystems like ZFS, and others that support fixed-block deduplication. Bacula System’s Aligned Volume Deduplication technology offers an alternate (additional) Volume format that is aligned on specific block boundaries. This allows an underlying filesystem to efficiently deduplicate the Bacula Enterprise Deduplication Optimized Volume format. Aligned Volume Format Deduplication is an effective solution for ZFS deduplication, and is also supported with Netapp data ONTAP 8.0.1 and higher. It allows you to backup virtual machine faster and lower storage space.

Remember: Bacula Enterprise Edition, together with its backup tools, provides highly scalable networked backup and restore for your entire data center – it’s not just virtual server backup software. You can backup your entire data center(s), and free yourself from being restrained by data volume-based licensing fees.

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virtual machine backup solution

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