NDMP backup software. Full and Incremental NDMP backup solution

NDMP backup The Bacula Systems NDMP backup solution makes use of the filer-to-server mode for easy integration into Bacula Enterprise Edition.

This tool reduces demands on the network and enables localized NDMP backup and disaster recovery. In addition – and so important in the real world – it provides a fast, easy and full restore. Backup NDMP with this software tool and make Bacula Enterprise Edition more powerful and flexible with NDMP than ever before.

Network Data Management Protocol is an industry standard protocol created to ease the process of integrating backup and restore for network attached storage (NAS) with data protection software such as Bacula Enterprise Edition.

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NDMP backups can significantly outperform those run against mounted NFS/CIFS volumes, especially when dealing with millions of small files and ACLs.  With the NDMP backup software, average backup speed is increased significantly and the network load is decreased.


The NDMP backup solution is designed ideally to protect NAS filers in major disaster scenarios. This NDMP backup software enables full and incremental backups of the filer data, including ACLs, as well as its extended configuration and parameters.

Restoring a single file with the NDMP backup tool is possible either by using the built-in NAS snapshot capability or by restoring the NDMP datastream to a local machine.

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