The best backup solution for enterprises: fast, powerful and easy-to-use — Bacula Enterprise.

best data backup solution

Bacula Enterprise Edition is the best backup solution for Linux, Windows and Mac-based datacenters. What sets our data backup solution apart from other enterprise backup solutions on the market is its breathtaking feature set, combined with its great scalability and ease of customization. This means that demanding MSP’s and enterprises with large data centers get the best backup solution that exactly fits requirements – while simultaneously cutting costs by up to ten times. The secret behind this huge cost reduction is that there is no charge by data volume.

Bacula Enterprise Edition’s remarkable flexibility means it is equally effective in both physical and virtual environments and also can be implemented as a cloud-based solution for MSPs. It even offers the specialized backup solution for industry leading speed and performance. See our high-end best data backup solution for these user-needs, and take advantage of their complete modularity to mix-and-match as you please:



Each IT department faces it’s own unique set of challenges. Perhaps it is scalability. Perhaps it is high costs in the face of large data volume. Perhaps it is a set of old, legacy server and database technologies that are still essential to your company. Or maybe a vast range of different data-types that all need to be backed up. Or simple enterprise-grade reliability?

Bacula Enterprise gives you a direct, effective answer each time. It is one of the most comprehensive, flexible and customizable data backup solutions in the world. Just ask its users!

You can get more information about our data backup solution either by contacting us, or reading product documentation and datasheets, or by installing and using Bacula Enterprise Edition trial version which gives you understanding about basic functionality needed for particular data backup solution. If you have specificonsite or offsite data backup and restore needs, it’s possible to request an assessment of your backup and restore infrastructure. Our experts will get in touch with you and draft the best data backup solution for your disaster backup and recovery plan.

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