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Bacula Systems at ZKI

  • September 11, 2016, Rob Morrison

csm_zkiLogo_444d7db075The Germany Universities' ZKI event kicks off in Ulm this week.

The Digitization of Teaching

During this Monday to Wednesday, the conference will work around the theme of "Digitization of teaching" with a variety of presentations and discussion from different perspectives. Various initiatives in the field of digitization of Education (such as Germany's National IT Summit 2016 "Digital Education") have already identified that this subject is being taken especially seriously, especially in Germany. Against this background, the conference provides a platform for exchange and discussion on the tasks and services of university infrastructure (data centers, media centers, libraries) in the implementation of location-based digitization concepts.

Containment of Cost

Largely as a result of external forces and institutional strategic priorities, the transformation of higher education information technology
is now happening faster than ever before. Institutional priorities, such as the critical containment of costs and achieving demonstrable
improvements are now starting to become a reality.

On Tuesday, 13 September at this ZKI event, the focus is on technology and services, including the implementation of computer-based tests
and online exams. This subject is also explored from a legal and strategic aspect. The experiences of universities which already hold online exams will be brought to the fore.

The Universities Data Backup Initiative
Bacula Systems is proud to be a sponsor of the ZKI event. Throughout the years, Bacula Systems has made a concerted effort to provide University IT centers with exactly what they need: advanced backup and data recovery solutions that solves the issues specific to Universities. Part of this is the success of Bacula Systems' Universities Data Backup Initiative and, as a result, Bacula Systems is privileged to have a long list of universities as customers, Higher education establishments that have already made the switch to Bacula Enterprise Edition and are now enjoying the benefits. If you can make it to the event, consider taking a moment to speak to Bacula Systems University customers there, and their experience with Bacula, and they work through Digital Transformation.

About the author

Rob Morrison Rob on LinkedIn

Rob Morrison is the marketing director at Bacula Systems. He started his IT marketing career with Silicon Graphics in Switzerland, performing strongly in various marketing management roles for almost 10 years. In the next 10 years Rob also held various marketing management positions in JBoss, Red Hat and Pentaho ensuring market share growth for these well-known companies. He is a graduate of Plymouth University and holds an Honours Digital Media and Communications degree, and completed an Overseas Studies Program.

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