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server backup software solutionTraditionally, Bacula Enterprise server backup software scales very well for big server infrastructures in one or more data centers. Bacula’s ability to handle a large number of backup servers, backup jobs, storage daemons, volumes/pools on disks and tape media makes it the perfect candidate for your server backup software.

The best server backup software from Bacula can (but does not need to) be separated:

  • Director,
  • Storage Daemon(s),
  • Catalog,
  • Console(s),
  • File Daemon(s),

As a result, Bacula is the best enterprise server backup software which especially flexible, modular and customizable. If your number of servers increases, you can simply add more File Daemon(s) and jobs, or add more Storage Daemons to handle the load. The same happens when you connect a second (or third, fourth …) data center or want to do disaster recovery scenarios with Bacula. Your server backup will run within your data centers or across multiple sites via copy and migration jobs to the remote SDs.

Not only is file-based backup on your servers supported, but also the applications served by the system are managed properly by our backup server solutions.

Bacula’s best server backup software offers support for the major databases incl. Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Exchange backup support, LDAP/Active Directory backup support, covering server backup to the full extent. The broad hypervisor support enables users to backup VMware, Hyper V, KVM and XenServer easily using Bacula Enterprise making virtual server backup easier. Proxmox is also supported.

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