Bare Metal Backup, Restore and Recovery

For Windows and Linux. Get Your Critical Systems Up and Running Quickly When It Really Counts.

Bare Metal Recovery is one of the many capabilities Bacula Systems offers to make sure you never lose your data. The Bacula Systems Bare Metal Recovery feature is available for both Linux and Windows, and enables your systems teams to perform safe, reliable disaster recovery using Bacula Enterprise Edition. With Bare Metal Recovery you get your critical systems up and running quickly and safely in no time.

The BMR plugin is available for Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and for most flavors of Linux. An exhaustive documentation covering best practices for bare metal recovery is also available in the package.

Key benefits


    • Back up operating systems and data without interruption or down time
    • Get critical systems up and running within minutes
    • Rebuild or restore the backed up system to an entirely separate piece of hardware
    • Create an ISO to boot from (CD, USB key, etc, or stored image)
    • User friendly Graphical User Interface – with flexible options for various procedures
    • Ability to clone machines
    • Physical to virtual or virtual to physical restore

Specific to Windows BMR:

    • Supports (U)EFI system and secure boot
    • Automatically adapt the last partition size to new disk size
    • Can exclude partitions or data from the restore process
    • Fully supports manual partitioning via a smart partition matching interface
    • Support for Dynamic disks
    • Support for GPT table
    • Can load extra drivers and configure the network from the GUI
    • Logs can be accessed easily and directly sent to support
    • Extra tools to customize the ISO (hardcode the Bacula parameters)
    • Based on the 64 bit WinPE 4.0 (Windows 8.0 code base)
    • Supports Full, Differential, Incremental, and Base backups


The Bare Metal Recovery plugin is available for an additional cost  and is fully supported via the Bacula Systems Subscription (Also including Bacula Enterprise Edition). Whether you are already benefiting from Bacula Enterprise Edition today, or considering switching to Bacula Enterprise Edition, contact us for further details on how we can help you implement low cost disaster recovery in your data center.