Now you can integrate your LDAP or Active Directory servers into your backup strategy and protect this sensitive data at all times! Universal plugin: for LDAP or Active Directory Object level backup Object restore at the finest granularity Full, differential, incremental backup levels Object relocation during restore Accurate mode support 1 plugin for all your [...]

Thanks to a close partnership between Bacula Systems and Red Hat, Bacula Enterprise Edition is now available with Red Hat 7 for file daemons, storage daemons and Director.

Bacula Systems continues the geographical expansion of its partner network; now offers higher quality service to its customers in Japan Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland), June 2014 – Bacula Systems SA, the leading Enterprise Open Core Network Backup & Restore software company announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Thirdware Inc to distribute Bacula [...]

Bacula Enterprise Edition version 8 is now announced! Available in August: Book it now and receive the Bacula Enterprise Edition version 8 full features list document: Discover the fantastic new benefits of Bacula Enterprise Edition version 8 such as Global Endpoint Deduplication™, Snapshotify™, Directory Server plugin, automatic replication, full virtualization environment backup & restore and much [...]

  At Bacula Systems HeadquartersIn Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) REGISTER NOW! The Administrator I Training Course is designed to help new or existing administrators of Bacula (community or Enterprise Edition) acquire the knowledge they need to install, configure and operate the solution in a production environment quickly and effectively. It is specifically designed for all Bacula Systems subscribers, business partners, MSPs, [...]

You can now follow Bacula Systems on Facebook! You can find the official Bacula Systems page here: Go and like the page! You will find news about Bacula and Bacula Systems, together with useful information from our support team to help you with Bacula software. Enjoy!

  If you are a Managed Service Provider, a Cloud Provider or a Data Center Cloud Services Provider, Bacula for the Cloud is the right Backup & Restore solution for you and your clients. Bacula for the Cloud is a dedicated offer that includes all Bacula Enterprise Edition features plus additional functionality that are specific [...]

  The Bacula Users & Partners Conference is the right event for all Bacula users, Bacula Systems customers and business partners, Free Software enthusiasts, Backup & Restore specialists or systems administrators. REGISTER NOW! Here are five reasons to Attend: 1. Get a clear update of Open SourceStop assuming and hear – from the source – [...]

  Come & discover the brand new Bacula world, presented by Kern Sibbald! The Bacula Users & Partners Conference is definitely the right place to find out more about what is new in the Open Source Bacula project, with: • A new logo • A new Web site • Plenty of new features for better [...]

Bacula Users and Partners Conference 2014 sponsored by WBSgo, Univention and Bacula Systems Berlin, Germany – February 13h, 2014 With more than 2 millions downloads of the Open Source Bacula Backup & Restore software, the Bacula community is very large and spread worldwide. Many Bacula developers and users as well as Bacula Systems customers and Business [...]