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Scenario 2: Restoring Files from the Previous Backup using BWeb Management Suite

Be sure to complete Scenario 1 first, to ensure you can follow along.

Now let’s restore the files from the backup to the “/tmp/bacula-restore” directory located on the trial VM.

  1. To run the restore job, click on “Restore” button on the upper left navigation pane, below the Bacula Systems logo.
  2. On the Step 1 slide, select the Clientbacula-enterprise-trial-fd” from the dropdown list. The screen will slide to display Step 2.
  3. In Step 2, click the radio button in the “select” column next to the “Linux-AllFiles_To_Dedup” backup job that was just run. The screen will slide to display Step 3.
  4. In Step 3, drill down into the directory tree by clicking on the “/” folder icon in the “Backup Content” window. For this restore scenario, just drag the “/etc” folder from the “Backup Content” window to the “Restore Selection Area” window. This will select all the files and directories in “/etc” and below that were backed up in the “Linux-AllFiles_To_Dedup” job.
  5. Click “Accept Files Selection”. The screen will slide to display Step 4.
  6. In Step 4, notice that the “Restore Client” field is automatically populated with the bacula-enterprise-trial-fd Client, the “Where” field is set to “/tmp/bacula-restores”, and the “Replace” field is set to “Never”. For this simple restore scenario demo, these defaults are OK. Click Run Restore.
  7. When the restore job starts, you will be taken to a page where the current status of the restore will be displayed in a dialog box at the top and the job log will be displayed in the bottom dialog box. Both of these boxes will be updated as the restore job progresses. Note: This restore is small enough that you may be taken directly to the completed job report.
  8. Once the restore is complete, the top box will show basic information about the job, and the bottom box will display the complete job log with a summary at the bottom.
  9. To check the restored files, login at the virtual console or ssh to your Trial VM as “root” with password “bacula”, and list the contents of your “/tmp/bacula-restores” folder with the command “ls /tmp/bacula-restores/etc/”.
  10. Pay attention to the space available in the Trial VM’s “/tmp” directory if you perform several restore jobs. After testing a restore, it is a good idea to delete everything under “/tmp/bacula-restore” and “/tmp/bacula-restores” to keep the VM’s “/” partition from filling to 100%.