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Creation of a new Client Resource in BWeb Management Suite

  1. Use BWeb Management Suite to configure a client and generate the agent configuration file to paste in /opt/bacula/etc/bacula-fd.conf on the client side. To do so, go to your BWeb Management Suite, click on Configuration in your main menu, Configure Bacula. Click on the Wizard named Add a new client resource.
  2. Type the name of your agent in the field Client Name and click Next.
  3. Fill in the OS Type and the Address field. You may also change the Password field if you wish. Click Next.
  4. Replace all the content of the file /opt/bacula/etc/bacula-fd.conf on your client with the whole text displayed in the page named Configure new Client resource 3/4. Once done, click Next. You can configure a new backup job from the next screen. Please feel free to benefit from the previous scenarios to add a new job for this client.
  5. In the main menu, click on Workset. Click on Commit then reload the Director as proposed.
  6. Restart the File Daemon (FD) on the client side by running in a shell: /etc/init.d/bacula-fd restart .
  7. Check if the Director can contact the File Daemon. From BWeb Management Suite, click on the Bacula Enterprise in the top left corner. Click on Clients on the main menu, again on Clients in the menu. Select the listed client you want to test and click on the Status button. The result should be similar to the screen below.
  8. Now you can configure a new job following any scenario and run a backup on this client.