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General Availability of Bacula Enterprise 12.8.2

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Updated 15th April 2022, Ludovic Piquerez

Bacula Systems is pleased to announce the release of its new major version of Bacula Enterprise. Bacula already has just about the broadest set of capabilities available in the industry today, and this release expands its rich capabilities even more. Just some of the many new features are listed below.

Enjoy, and please make sure your support team benefits from it!

New Features in 12.8.2

– Microsoft 365 Plugin
– XenServer Single Item Restore support
– HyperV VSS Single Item Restore support
– VMware vSphere Automatic Permission detection
– HyperV Non-VSS Plugin with Incremental/Differential support
– SAP HANA 1.50 Support
– Redhat OpenShift Plugin
– vSphere HotAdd and NBDSSL transport method added

BWeb Management Center Features
– New Event Dashboard
– VMware Instant Recovery support
– Automatic syntax checking of the vsphere configuration file
– Autochanger page improvements
– Add ability to push full and restricted console configuration to remote hosts

Misc Features
– Plugin Object Status support
– Job Storage group support
– SDPacketCheck FileDaemon used to control the network flow

More information and examples may be found in the “New Features” section of the main manual.

About the author
Ludovic Piquerez
Ludovic Piquerez is the Director of Support at Bacula Systems. He worked in the IT support domain in various demanding industries specialized in healthcare, energy, technology and media. He founded his own company in IT services and developed it into a sustainable business in which open-source software integration was one of the main activities. In his late experience as IT Manager Europe, he implemented healthcare regulations. Ludovic has mentored teams of experts in three different continents. He has successfully resolved issues in challenging environments and succeeded in managing many parallel projects in a multi-customers environment. Ludovic holds a bachelor in Computer Science, major in Management Systems and a Master degree in Social and Political Sciences. He is certified in IT service management (ITIL) and IT governance (COBIT).
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