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Automatic TLS Encryption

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Updated 24th December 2021, Ludovic Piquerez

Bacula and Bacula Enterprise backup and restore software is known in the IT industry for being very sensitive to communication and data encryption. It is largely used in companies with high level security policies. Since the introduction of Bacula Enterprise 12.0 and Bacula 11.0, it comes enabled by default with TLS communication encryption. All daemons and consoles are fully encrypted for network communications. The pre-shared key used between Bacula deamons is the password set in those daemons.

It is still possible to use TLS certificates, but this new feature eases the encryption of all communications by default, for all our users.

About the author
Ludovic Piquerez
Ludovic Piquerez is the Director of Support at Bacula Systems. He worked in the IT support domain in various demanding industries specialized in healthcare, energy, technology and media. He founded his own company in IT services and developed it into a sustainable business in which open-source software integration was one of the main activities. In his late experience as IT Manager Europe, he implemented healthcare regulations. Ludovic has mentored teams of experts in three different continents. He has successfully resolved issues in challenging environments and succeeded in managing many parallel projects in a multi-customers environment. Ludovic holds a bachelor in Computer Science, major in Management Systems and a Master degree in Social and Political Sciences. He is certified in IT service management (ITIL) and IT governance (COBIT).
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