Bacula Systems Announces SAP HANA Native Compatibility

Bacula Enterprise Edition’s certified integration with SAP HANA now empowers SAP HANA users to increase IT efficiencies, manage data more economically and create greater value from their data.

Bacula Enterprise Edition’s new native SAP HANA compatibility means data centers using HANA can freely back up, recover, migrate, clone, replicate and copy data without being penalized for increased data volume by their backup software vendor.

So now, data centers have the choice to employ an open source-based, highly scalable backup and restore solution for their entire physical, virtual and cloud environments, regardless of architecture – all from a single platform. Bacula Enterprise Edition’s particularly broad feature-set for large data centers and MSPs, combined with its policy of not charging by data volume means companies can now free themselves from the proprietary shackles of their legacy backup and recovery vendor.

Some key features of Bacula Enterprise Edition are:

• Native integration with SAP HANA, allowing backup and restore without manual steps
• SAP HANA users can migrate from Oracle to HANA using one platform
• Native integration with both public and private clouds
• Comprehensive deduplication capabilities
• Support for most modern Linux distributions (RHEL, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows, MacOS X, AIX or Solaris
• Advanced, multi-layered levels of security
• Broad compatibility with SQL databases including SAP HANA, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SAP and SQLite

Bacula Systems’ zero data volume charges opens new project opportunities for SAP HANA users, as well as saving them significant time and resources.

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