Perform fast and convenient database backup via MSSQL Backup Tool

sql server backup toolAmong its vast range of features, Bacula Enterprise Edition also backs up your Windows data with an impressive combination of ease and functionality.

This includes the ability to perform fast and convenient backup using our MSSQL backup tool. Now you can precisely backup very large amounts of specific Windows-based data in your SQL Server at a fraction of competitors’ costs – and achieve Point In Time recovery/restore.

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More Options – More Sophisticated SQL Backup Software
Bacula Systems’ SQL Server backup software delivers exceptional performance via a modern highly reliable architecture and offers you the following SQL Server backup tool capabilities:

  • Full and Differential SQL Server backup
  • Incremental (Log) level support
  • Database level backup
  • Point in time recovery restore (PITR)
  • Ability to include/exclude databases from the backup job
  • Support for “Copy Only” backups
  • Restore MSSQL backup files to disk
  • Send backup stream directly to the Storage Daemon

SQL backup tool — independent of the VSS engine
The MSSQL server backup tool does not use VSS snapshots to perform the backup, so it is possible to specify “Enable VSS = no” in the Bacula FileSet. This MSSQL server backup solution achieves advanced backup and restore capabilities via the Microsoft API for SQL Server. Therefore we also support the security mechanisms and authentication types that come with Microsoft SQL Server.

Transaction Log Backup and PITR
Bacula Enterprise Edition allows you to recover an MSSQL set of data or a particular setting from a very precise time in the past.
With full or bulk-logged recovery models you will be able to do PITR or use LSN information to restore to the exact state that you want to have. You can restore to exactly the required state of data base at a very specific point in time – even down to an exact second. From a Transaction log backup, a restore will compose the database state from a variety of chosen backup levels.

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