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Azure backup and recovery is added to Bacula Enterprise capabilities. Azure VM backup now becomes possible with Bacula.

Azure backup and recovery functionality from Bacula Systems is now available; significantly increases data management options to Bacula users performing disaster recovery.

January 30, 2018, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland – Continuing to be a leader in high performance backup and recovery for large enterprises and managed services providers, Bacula Systems today added connectivity to Microsoft Azure to its exclusive Cloud Minimal Restore Cost (MRC) functionality.  This new cloud compatibility combined with unique cloud management tools, provides data centers with an especially flexible Azure backup and recovery solution for their entire physical and virtual environments regardless of architecture – all from a single platform. Bacula Systems customers include NASA, Texas A&M University, Swisscom, Bank Austria and many more.

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Bacula Enterprise is a highly scalable backup and recovery software for data centers and MSP’s. Directly answering the IT industry’s challenge of exploding data volume with a low-cost subscription model that does not charge by data volume, Bacula Enterprise with integrated connectivity to the Azure cloud platform makes it far easier to predict costs – especially when recovering data from or within clouds. It brings more compatibility with diverse IT environments to a backup platform that is already especially customizable and flexible to suit the needs of both modest and large sized data centers.

The main features of Bacula Enterprise are:

  • Support of Azure backup and recovery
  • Integrated with other public and private clouds via the S3 and S3-IA interface
  • Granular control over data that needs to be restored from the cloud, significantly reducing operational exposure to cloud costs and boosting business agility
  • A broad range of functionality throughout the entire platform designed to integrate physical and virtual environments with public, private and hybrid cloud data transfers, allowing more predictable costs
  • Faster Azure VM backup and recovery to and from the cloud, at the lowest cost

“Data centers now have the choice of using Microsoft Azure together with Bacula’s unique cloud backup and recovery tools. Physical, virtual and cloud combined backup strategies are becoming more commonplace and consequently, large enterprises, research laboratories, large hosting centers, and universities around the world are looking for a single backup and recovery platform that can readily do it all. Bacula enables IT departments to implement a modern solution that both limits costs, saves time and increases the predictability of costs”, said Frank Barker, CEO, Bacula Systems.

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