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Get a Personalized Offer From Your Local Representative

Are you still looking for the most powerful, cost-effective backup solution?

Bacula Enterprise has developed so much recently, we recommend you take a fresh look. When it comes to backup and recovery, not only does Bacula Systems liberate datacenters from data-volume related charges, it now offers an amazing range of functionality, scalability and customization. This level of pricing and functionality is something we urge you to discuss with your local Bacula Systems representative. Simply use the quick contact form below to find out what we can do for you, and make sure you get what you need.


New capabilities such as Snapshot, VMware client-free support, single file restore, Global Endpoint Deduplication, Client Initiated Backup, restore of individual Microsoft Exchange®, and much more, mean that you are now in a position to truly change the economics and backup strategy of your data center. Did you know that the Subscription for Bacula Enterprise also includes what is probably the best support on the planet?