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Multi Tenant Backup Solution – BWeb Management Suite™

Multi tenant backup solution made smart and easy – BWeb Management Suite™

BWeb™ is a multi tenant backup management solution for Bacula Enterprise Edition that saves time and resources. It brings simple backup and data recovery management.

BWeb Management Suite enables you to rapidly exploit the large-enterprise capabilities of Bacula Enterprise Edition, with a wide range of features for deploying, managing, reporting, optimization and diagnostics. As a multi tenant backup solution it also allows MSPs to give backup interfaces to customers with quota management and access management capabilities.

This extremely powerful multi tenant backup solution empowers your system administrator and operation teams to be more efficient. For large backup deployments, in a multi-client production environment, BWeb Management Suite is essential.





Read how NASA benefits from BWeb Management Suite

Gustaf J Barkstrom
Systems Administrator at SSAI (NASA Langley contractor)
«Bacula Enterprise was the only product that worked with HPSS out -of-the-box without vendor development, provided multi-user access (BWeb), had encryption compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards, did not have a capacity-based licensing model, and was available within budget»
Feature list

Just some of its features include:

  • A GUI module, designed to manage Bacula Enterprise’s configuration files
  • Diagnostics for checking the database is well configured and BWeb Management Suite is installed properly
  • Checking running jobs and facilitating the creation of new jobs
  • Quickly browsing job history
  • Full Restore interface with on screen navigation
  • Managing statistics
  • Visualizing actual backup data to help optimize content
  • Customization: customize the size and the position of all boxes displayed in the interface. Users can design pages and create dashboards with predefined widgets or with Graphite graphics.

The GUI includes wizards to create new Jobs, Clients and Storage, as well as new backup policies. This modern and intuitive GUI allows resources editing with “search”, “rename”, and “check dependencies” features. The interface is easily customizable and allows administrators to quickly define default values for all resources. A simple color legend identifies clearly if a directive comes from the current object, a user defaults choice, or from a “JobDefs” resource.

The new online help mode displays automatic help text suggestions when the user searches data types.

multi tenant backup solution

BWeb multi tenant backup solution offers a variety of wizards which support the administrator when he or she needs to create new jobs; providing a chronological set of required actions that guide the administrator to perform the jobs in seconds!

BWeb really makes your life easier because it offers:

  • Fast configuration of Bacula via the web interface
  • Many simple, step-by-step wizards
  • Remote Backup Client setup
  • User friendly, clear graphs and diagrams
  • Simple monitoring of Bacula’s vast range of components (Clients, Storage Daemons)
  • Graphite Dashboard for fast, easy customization

Further help on multi tenant backup solution:

  • BWeb™ Management Suite is a comprehensive backup and restore management suite for Bacula Enterprise Edition that provides the data reports, core metrics and analysis that system administrators need to provide to managers.
  • Backup training is available in different locations, depending on the Certified Bacula Systems Training Center you choose. For every purchase of a training session at Bacula Systems BWeb is included free of charge!** Valid for all existing Bacula Systems subscriptions and new ones purchased within a period of 6 months after the training. BWeb will remain free of charge during the time of the subscription, including renewals. Training invoiced at time of order and must be taken within 6 months as payment will not be refunded.