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The Best Enterprise Data Backup Solutions. Enterprise Cloud Backup Solutions. Enterprise Backup Software.

The best enterprise data backup solutions: fast, powerful and easy-to-use — Bacula Enterprise. Enterprise backup solutions from Bacula Systems.

Bacula Enterprise Edition is the best enterprise backup solution for LinuxWindows and Mac-based datacenters. What sets our best data backup solutions apart from other offsite enterprise backup solutions on the market is its breathtaking feature set, combined with its great scalability and ease of customization. This means that demanding MSP’s and enterprises with large data centers get the best backup solution that exactly fits requirements – while simultaneously cutting costs by up to ten times. The secret behind this huge cost reduction with our enterprise backup software is that there is no charge by data volume, nor by the use of storage devices, such as tape drives or autochangers.

Bacula Enterprise Edition’s remarkable flexibility means it is equally effective in both physical and virtual environments and also can be implemented as the part of enterprise cloud-based backup solutions for MSPs. It even offers the specialized backup solution for industry leading speed and performance. Below are listed just a sample of Bacula’s technologies to meet user’s needs; you can take advantage of their complete modularity to mix-and-match as you please:

  • Enterprise Backup Solutions for Windows Server. With the use of Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) consistent backups of the data are obtained, using Microsoft tools, which facilitate recovery activities. Enterprise desktop backup for Windows includes convenient backup scheduling, different backup levels and other useful tools.
  • Enterprise Backup Solutions and Tools for Linux Server. The Bacula data backup software that manages all the resources of the application runs on a Linux server. Thus reduces the licensing costs as well as the different tools for administration and management, such as command, graphic and web consoles.
  • Enterprise-level Database Backup Solutions. Allows the backup and recovery of the main databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and more. Our best backup solution uses the tools that execute these operations, often completely avoiding service interruption. It also allows interaction with the tools of the database managers to generate the backups, through the configuration and tasks and scripts developed according to specific requirements.
  • Enterprise Virtual Machine Backup Solutions. Virtualized environments need a backup and recovery solution that caters for guest instances as well as the host for the virtualization environment, in an agile and efficient way – yet without affecting the operability and functionality of the virtual environment. The use of snapshots technology which is supported by our data backup solutions is fundamental in virtual environments.
  • Progressive Virtual Full. The use of this technology incorporated into the best backup solution – Bacula Enterprise Edition, saves time and space in local storage, and leverages advanced techniques in administration of indexes. This typically results in significant savings of both time and space, usually extremely important in the management of data backup in companies.
  • Silent Data Corruption Detection. To detect if an error has occured in the process of copying data during a backup or restoration operation, a verification of the transferred data can be quickly carried out, in order to check data integrity and reliability. This verification is done at the file level, without being limited to the backup data volumes.
  • Enterprise Tape Backup Solutions. As an enterprise data backup solution, Bacula Enterprise Edition interacts with tape drives from different vendors and with diverse storage technologies, such as LTO, retaining compatibility with older hardware and taking advantage of the latest, without additional cost surcharges.
  • Enterprise-level File and Folder Backup. These data backup solutions support the directories and files of the different clients configured into the chosen backup schedule of an organization, with specific or common criteria assigned to them. Bacula as a best backup solution has the functionality to support files and open objects which are being used by users, guaranteeing complete and consistent copies. This technology fits especially for enterprise desktop backup solutions.
  • Enterprise Server Backup Solutions. As a backup solution, Bacula is composed of well-defined elements for execution and management of backups which interact in a collaborative manner. Each element performs its functions under the administration and control of a main process.
  • Enterprise Incremental & Differential Backup Solutions. The configuration and definition of several levels for the execution of the backups. This is designed to reduce the execution times of the backup, as well as facilitating related administration tasks. Additionally, the use of such data backup solutions also facilitates classification and organization of the information and the backup volumes that contain the data. Bacula enterprise backup solutions support full, incremental, differential and synthetic backups.
  • Enterprise-level Storage (NAS&SAN) Backup Solutions. The enterprise backup solutions should be able to send the volumes of data to different destinations, either locally or remotely, either to discs or tapes. Network disk storage devices (SAN, NAS) are most commonly used in companies today, and Bacula, as a best backup solution, readily adapts and integrates especially well to them.
  • Enterprise Backup to Cloud Solutions. The use of computing resources in the cloud has increased significantly in organizations due to various causes such as high availability, cost management and security. Bacula Enterprise Edition, as one of the best cloud backup solutions for enterprise, can be configured to make use of these resources in an optimal way, making use of tools or configurations combined and adapted to the operating environment. Enterprise cloud based backup solutions from Bacula Systems work with Amazon S3, Azure, Oracle and Google clouds.

Each IT department faces its own unique set of challenges. Perhaps it is scalability. Perhaps it is high costs in the face of large data volume. Perhaps it is a set of old, legacy server and database technologies that are still essential to your company. Perhaps a mixed or hybrid operating environment composed of both local resources and cloud? Or maybe a vast range of different data-types that all need to be backed up. Or simple enterprise-grade reliability?

Bacula Enterprise as the best backup solution gives you a direct, effective answer each time. This enterprise backup software is one of the most comprehensive, flexible and customizable enterprise data backup solutions in the world. Just ask its users!

You can get more information about our best enterprise backup solutions either by reading product documentation, watching demo videos, or by installing and using Bacula Enterprise trial version which gives you understanding of the basic functionality.

If you have specific enterprise-class backup and restore needs, Bacula Systems recommends that you request an assessment of your backup and restore infrastructure. Our experts will get in touch with you and draft the best data backup solutions for your disaster backup and recovery plan according to our enterprise data backup best practices.

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