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Bacula Systems Summer Hotline

Hotline Week: 21st-25th August 2017

What’s this about?

This week has been set up to make senior Bacula Systems specialists available to provide low and rapid quotes to you. These quotes are for backing up your entire IT environment, and you will quickly get a clear insight into how it is possible to modernize and improve your backup and recovery strategy, while vastly reducing costs. If you are trying to get hold of your current vendor but they are on the beach and/or not interested, we are here to help you. Right now!

How does it work?
Simple. You send in an email, call, or complete the form below and ask us for a quote. You will quickly receive a quote back that will be simple, clear, and easy to understand. That’s exactly what we did for our customers, such as NASA, Swisscom, Sky, Tricore Solutions and so many more.

How do we do it?
Because Bacula Enterprise Edition is available on a yearly subscription, customers simply buy in at a certain level, and highest quality support is automatically included. This is made even easier and of greater value because Bacula does not charge by data volume. You can back up as much data as you like. Really!

I want even more. What can you give me?

All companies that go on to complete a signed order receive Bacula Enterprise Editions’ BWeb Management Suite at no cost, at a value of €3’430 or $5’150. Now you can do GUI-based management as well as command line control of Bacula!

If you have any specific questions on how Bacula Enterprise Edition works with  any specific technology (such as VM’s, MSSQL, Oracle, Global Endpoint Deduplication, etc.), we will provide you with the information you need. We know your time is valuable and we won’t waste it. Contact us for your quick quote now!


For your quick quote, either email us, or call us:

  • Hotline Office (Europe): +41 21 641 6080
  • Hotline Office (USA): +1 800 256 0192

No handy phone like this one? Then please use the following form.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to complete the contact form below. Our experts will get in touch with you within one business day.
  • Please, note that we don't charge by data volume.
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