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The Bacula Systems Proof of Concept Package

  • Quickly set-up a successful proof-of-concept backup solution
  • Initiate a Bacula pilot project
  • Ensure Bacula is implemented using best practices

What is it?

The Bacula Proof of Concept Package reduces the time, complexity and cost of implementing a Bacula pilot project. Our experts guide you through the preparation and installation process, and deliver a fully operational Bacula system in 3 working days. No hassle. No fuss.

What do you get?

Our experts will deliver you a fully configured Bacula installation for your IT environment, including an optimised Bacula Director (the heart of the system). We will also implement a set of graphical management and monitoring tools - to help you operate and monitor the system from then on.

Why does it make sense?

Speed - if you need to confirm Bacula performs exceptionally in your IT environment, then the Proof of Concept Package is perfect for you. In just 3 days, you have a fully functional enterprise-grade backup solution installed and operational.

Risk Bacula Systems’ experts know backup better than anyone else, and bring their experience to your organisation directly. They provide you a fixed-term and fixed deliverable, all wrapped up in a price-advantage special Pilot package.

How long does it take?

3 working days - to get a fully functional Bacula installation for most typical network environments. Yes, there are some conditions, and preparation is required.

Where do I start?

Call Bacula Systems today to find out if the Proof of Concept Package is right for you, or to schedule an appointment today.


  • Unlimited CPU's and data volume
  • Bacula Administration Tool (BAT)
  • Consulting with Bacula System experts
  • Install and configure Bacula Enterprise Edition backup and restore platform
  • Install and configure BAT
  • Performance tuning
  • On-site training during installation to ensure operator familiarity to run Bacula

First things first...

An initial assessment must be completed and submitted to Bacula Systems for review, after which a final offer will be submitted based on your environment. To qualify for pricing, the complete package must be purchased.

More Information:

For more information on the Bacula Proof of Concept Package, or any Bacula Systems professional service offering, please contact your Bacula Systems sales representative or contact us directly: 

T: +41 24 420 7890

F: +41 24 420 7891

E: info@baculasystems.com