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Is Your Backup Vendor Trying to ‘Milk The Cow’?

At Bacula Systems we believe in three key deliverables to data centers.

  1. A modern backup solution that does not charge you by data volume, but instead drastically minimizes your costs.
  2. A technically comprehensive, highly scalable solution that really works.
  3. The best support services in the industry.

At a time when many backup and data restore vendors are struggling with their ownership structures, or to be profitable, or grow and deliver new technology to the industry, Bacula Systems is instead going from strength to strength. Its aim is to bring the very best scalable backup and restore technology into data centers, MSP’s and Cloud providers, while at the same time helping its customers to control expenses.

Featuring data deduplication, snapshots, Bare Metal Recovery and advanced virtual machine backup and data recovery— Bacula Systems makes sure its robust solutions directly address real customer needs. The Bacula Systems’ advantage is that it significantly reduces the TCO for its customers’ backup and storage requirements with a product and support that means its customers can sleep at night.

So what about the solution you currently use? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it ‘on the way out’?

Is your backup vendors’ company being run by VC’s and finance people? Has its product roadmap hit a wall? Are you concerned about its future? You need to know that your vendor is going to be around for years to come.

  • Do you suspect your backup vendor is ‘milking’ you?

Are you, like some data center managers, becoming tired of being charged by data volume? You know your data volume will grow. But why should you pay more just because of that?

  • Do you need better compatibility with VMware?

You need advanced tools that save you time, such as Single File Restore.


  • Do you need a solution that effortlessly and reliably backs up Exchange?

Of course, you do. Why would you tolerate anything less? You need time-saving tools such as single mailbox restore.

  • Does your backup solution need higher levels of built-in security?

These days, you can’t be too careful. You need to protect your data center as well as is possible and ensure your backup and recovery solution have the highest levels of security built in, just like Bacula Enterprise Edition.

It’s time to change!

Why not move to Bacula Systems, a company that has a solid future, a solid roadmap, rich feature set and zero data volume ‘tax’? Your Enterprise backup and data recovery is too critical to rely on a solution that has no future. You need to be able to sleep at night.

You need to be able to effectively backup your VMware environment, and benefit from specific features such as single file restore. You need incremental backup for Exchange, that allows easy single mailbox restore at the mailbox level. You also need to know you have access to the best support services possible.

It’s time to modernize your backup strategy and work with a bright, successful company that makes its customers happy.

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