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Scenario 1: Backing Up “All” Files on the Trial Linux VM using BWeb Management Suite

BWeb Management Suite is a web interface that interacts with the Bacula Director to run backup and restore jobs, to monitor, and to configure the Bacula Enterprise and Bacula Trial.

  1. In Firefox, open the Bacula Enterprise Trial Landing Page by entering the URL presented on the VM’s console login screen.
  2. Once on the Landing Page, click the “Manage Bacula Enterprise Trial with ‘Bweb Management Suite’” icon. This will open BWeb in a new browser tab. Log in with user/password: admin/admin
  3. Once logged into BWeb Management Suite, close the window named “Welcome to Bacula Enterprise BWeb Management Console”. Then, you will see an overview of the current Bacula Trial status. Since no jobs have been run yet, the statistics, running jobs list, recent jobs list, and chart will be empty.
  4. To run the first test backup job, click on “Run Backup” button on the upper left navigation pane, below the Bacula Systems logo.
  5. Select “Linux-AllFiles_To_Dedup” from the drop-down menu of “Job Name”.
  6. Review the “Job Settings Overview” window. Here you can manually change any of the job parameters from their default settings. Notice that the job is set to run as an Incremental by default. Bacula will automatically upgrade this to a “Full” job if there is no prior full in the catalog. Click Run Job to start it immediately.
  7. You will be taken to the running job information window. The job status in the top dialog box and the job log in the bottom dialog box will automatically update periodically. Since this job backs up all of the files on the Trial VM, it may take some time depending on the infrastructure that the Trial OVA was imported to.
  8. Once the job is complete, an automatic refresh will take you to the job information window where you can see the outcome of the backup job. You can also find this information by navigating to JobsJobs Overview or Total Jobs on the Main Dashboard. List Job details by clicking on the status icon of the job you would like to review.
  9. Click “BWeb Management Console” in the upper left of the BWeb screen at any time to return to the main page.