S3 and Azure native cloud integration. Cut your cloud recovery costs significantly. 

When it comes to cloud-based backup and recovery, you expect Bacula Enterprise Edition to provide all the flexibility, compatibility and manageability you need. Bacula Enterprise 8.8 does exactly that – and also delivers native integration with public and private clouds via the Azure and S3 interfaces, with transparent support for S3-IA. But there’s something your boss needs too – significant cloud cost reduction.


                     Exploit the economics of cloud, cutting management costs and complexity

Minimal restore cost. Recover only what you need. 

  • Bacula Enterprise 8.8 features cloud integration with an exclusive Minimal Restore Cost (MRC) functionality. This means that the user restores less data from the cloud.
  • As a result, cloud costs are vastly reduced compared to other backup and restore vendors.
  • Version 8.8’s MRC functionality, together with its full backup features, means that cloud costs are much more easy to predict.
  • Restore data from the cloud using either command line or BWeb (GUI) interfaces.
  • Bacula enterprise Edition 8.8 includes the ability to manage network bandwidth when transferring backup data into the cloud. This ensures that your data transfer to Cloud does not monopolize your network.
  • Concurrent asynchronous upload and download of data
  • Multiple bucket support in a single Storage Daemon. With the means to configure each bucket to suit the user’s personal needs, Bacula Enterprise Edition pushes the boundaries of customization and flexibility far beyond its competitors.

Read the datasheet to find out more on how this new capability, combined with special cloud management tools, provides data center managers with the most integrated cloud backup solution for their entire physical and virtual environments regardless of architecture – all from a single platform.

Disaster recovery can now also be delivered in a cloud-computing model so recovery resources are only paid for when they are used, making it more efficient than a traditional recovery warm site or hot site where the recovery resources must be running at all times.

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Main 8.8 release features:cloud_mobile

        • Integrated backup and restore with both public and private clouds via and Azure and S3 interfaces, with transparent support for S3-IA
        • Granular control over data that needs to be restored from the cloud, significantly reducing operational exposure to cloud costs and boosting business agility
        • A broad range of functionality throughout the entire platform designed to integrate physical and virtual environments with public, private and hybrid cloud data transfers, allowing more predictable costs
        • Faster backup and restores to and from the cloud, at the lowest cost

Read 8.8 Cloud Feature Datasheet

Further help:

      • Don’t know about Bacula Enterprise Edition’s capabilities? See the full feature list.
      • BWeb™ Management Suite is a comprehensive GUI management suite for Bacula Enterprise Edition that provides the data reports, core metrics and analysis that system administrators need to provide to managers. Contact us for a demonstration.
      • Training is available in different locations, depending on the Certified Bacula Systems Training Center you choose.