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SEARHC Relies on Bacula Backup and Data Recovery

Robert Gamble
SEARHC’s Systems Administrator
«With Bacula System’s help, we have been able to improve our backup and restore environment, and keep costs under control, too. As a public service, professional Open Core is a perfect solution for us, and we are very satisfied with Bacula Systems.»

SEARHC is a non-profit tribal health consortium of 18 Native communities which serves the health interests of the Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and other Native people of Southeast Alaska. SEARHC is one of the oldest and largest Native-run health organizations in the nation.

SEARHC’s emphasis is on family medicine, and its hospital medical staff also includes physicians specializing in pediatics,OB/GYN, anesthesiology, radiology, and internal medicine. Hospital services include full service dental, optometry, and mental health clinics.
SEARHC Relies on Bacula’s Backup and Data Recovery to backup around 120 machines with mission-critical data.