Case Study – InvestFinansBank


Maksud Nurullaev
IT Director, InvestFinansBank
«We were looking for a backup system that, first of all, has individual customization capabilities and would be universal and available for all software solutions used today in the banking sector»

The Objective

The previous JSCB “InvestFinansBank”’s backup and data recovery solution consisted of a complex system of semi-automatic scripts for backups of physical servers, virtual machines, databases and other endpoints.

There were various types of backup media in the IT infrastructure, including magnetic tapes connected to a multitude of autochangers which increased the complexity of the entire backup system. It took a lot of time for backup management of IBS employees and the addition of new backup objects was slow and inconvenient.

The IFB’s IT manager was searching for a cost-effective solution that will be able to meet the following needs:

  • Solve the problem of backing up virtual machines at a granular level to restore individual files
  • Oracle database backups
  • Support for future servers with Solaris operating systems
  • Centralization of backup management in a single system
  • The ability to scale the system and its compatibility with various databases, virtualization systems and container systems etc.

“We were looking for a backup system that, first of all, has individual customization capabilities and would be universal and available for all software solutions used today in the banking sector”, said Maksud Nurullaev, IT Director, InvestFinansBank.

After a month of free testing (Proof of Concept) provided by Bacula Systems, as well as testing the work of Bacula technical support it was decided to purchase Bacula’s enterprise version in order to reduce time and cost, standardize IBS backups and increase the resiliency of the entire IT infrastructure.

The Solution

As part of the subscription to Bacula Enterprise, Infest Finance Bank received an automatic backup and recovery system for 50 backup objects, as well as several plug-ins:

  • VMware – for virtualization system;
  • Oracle – for database backup;
  • BWeb Management Suite web interface for centralized, convenient backup management.

Backup on magnetic tapes is also planned in the near future using Bacula Enterprise.

The implementation took place with the support of the official distributor specialists – Bacula Systems’ partner company, Backup Solutions.

The Results

The results of Bacula Enterprise’s implementation, together with the help of the vendor’s partner, Backup Solutions (Moscow), demonstrated a high level of competence of the InvestFinansbank Bank. The total cost of ownership of Bacula Enterprise was found to be significantly lower compared to other corporate solutions. A separate specialist within InvestFinansbank was assigned to oversee backup issues, who will also have the benefit of undergoing official training at the main office of Bacula Systems in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

The Backup Solutions specialist was present at the customer’s site during the first week of implementation. This aided a smooth installation, and ensured best practices were adhered to.  Some items were installed from scratch:

  • Bacula Enterprise by itself
  • VMware plugin
  • Oracle plugin
  • Bweb Management Suite

Backup Solutions’ basic training was conducted for the staff of InvestBinans Bank.

“The main objective of Backup Solutions in the markets of the CIS countries is not only to create a comfortable environment for purchasing software. So when it helps, we try to facilitate the transition of customers to a new software solution for them, and the informal connections between our technical staff and the IT staff of our clients play a very important role. In the case of the “InvestFinansBank”, the combination of these factors was decisive », said Andrew Yunisov, CEO, Backup Solutions.

About JSCB “InvestFinansBank”

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Invest Finance Bank operates on the basis of the license of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 75 of September 20, 2014. Since its inception, it has operated as a universal bank, providing a wide range of services to large corporate clients, small and medium-sized businesses, and individuals. The strategic directions of the bank’s activities are remote banking services and financing of corporate clients, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, with gradual diversification through the development of retail business and regional expansion. The strategic plan provides for the development of the Bank’s brand, as well as the further development of branches in the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Today, JSCB Invest Finance Bank is a universal enterprise of the banking sector and provides the widest range of services and has a wide network of branches.

About Bacula Systems

Bacula Systems is a leader in enterprise-level open source backup and recovery software. Bacula Systems provides Bacula Enterprise software in conjunction with technical support and backup expertise of the highest level. Bacula Systems Development Center is located in Yverdon-les-Bans, Switzerland, with dozens of specialists around the world that allow users to receive round-the-clock technical support for all countries.

About Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions is the official distributor of Bacula Systems in Russia and the CIS. The company provides services for the sale and implementation of Bacula Enterprise, training and consulting in the field of corporate backup and recovery. The company has Bacula Systems’ certified engineers and is a leader in the field of Bacula competence in Russia and CIS.