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Stop paying astronomical fees for your Back up & Restore infrastructure

  • November 2, 2012, Rob Morrison


If you have not already joined the large number of
organizations using Bacula today, ask yourself the following questions
before deciding whether you should keep your existing Backup &
Restore solution, or move to a new one. Bacula Systems is here to help
you with our get a free assessment of your current Backup & Restore infrastructure offer.

What are the storage costs imposed on you by your backup vendor?

If you take a close look to your storage hardware investment you'll
likely see that your current backup solution lacks the right features to
optimize this heavy investment.

With Bacula Enterprise Edition's features and plugins,
you can increase your storage hardware capacity by up to 60% without
additional costs! If you want to know how, just look at some of our
solutions that will fit your immediate needs, including Incremental Accelerator for NetApp plugin, San Shared Storage plugin, Delta plugin or NDMP plugin.

Did you consider how fast your data will grow in the coming years and its implications on your backup and restore costs?

We know this is a difficult question to answer, however, unlike other
vendors we are not afraid to ask and work with you to answer it. Our
pricing model bans any extra charges for data volume. We will not get
back to you to assess your data volume retroactively and send you
unexpected invoices which can cost up to US$ 8'000 per Terabyte!

Choosing Bacula Systems means choosing the
Backup & Restore vendor who will not take advantage of your data
growth and will not lock you in, to make huge revenues at your expense.
For an example of what's possible, read the SDV Plurimédia case study. With Bacula Systems, your costs are reasonable controlled!

Are you free to choose your servers?

Are you deciding the type of servers you use, just because your
Backup & Restore vendor charges you based on the number of CPUs?
Bacula Enterprise Edition's pricing model is transparent: we do not
count the number of CPUs your servers have, hence we do not charge you

With Bacula Systems, you are free to choose the right servers for your infrastructure. Learn more about our software compatibility.

Who is the person within your organization who manages your licenses?

Do you think it is normal to waste time, energy and resources just to
understand your Backup & Restore vendor's price list and license
terms? Are you questioning why you should pay this license per feature,
and per client, and per number of CPUs... and per Terabyte?

We believe IT departments should not have their precious time wasted. With Bacula Systems, we offer an annual subscription including Bacula Enterprise Edition, technical support, patches, updates and upgrades. It's as simple as that!

Who manages your Account?

Why do you have to contact 3 or 4 or more different people from the
same vendor each time you have a sales, pre-sales or licensing question?
Don't you think this is a real waste of your time?

With Bacula Systems, you enjoy one contact who
can centralize all your questions and answer them directly or with the
help of internal resources. Don't hesitate to contact your Bacula Systems sales manager to get further information on our Centralized Account Care.

What is your total cost of ownership (TCO)?

Do you know how much you are spending, overall, for your solution?
And, above all, do you know how much you will be paying in 1, 2 or 3

With Bacula Systems, you pay an annual fee for your subscription and nothing more. When you renew this subscription, you already know how much you will pay, with no surprises.

In terms of Support, is your experience good?

Here is a quote that says it all: “While a reputed analyst has seen
material improvement over the last year, the perception of (a named
vendor's) customer support is highlighted as an issue by many

Bacula Systems' excellent reputation is based on
a high quality, highly scalable, robust solution complemented by high
quality, responsive Technical Support - all of which translates to an industry record customer renewal rate each year.

What are your expectations in terms of Support?

In other words, what is your vendor's response time and organization
if a technical problem does not allow you to restore crucial data for
the continuation of your business?

Gold level subscription from Bacula Systems
guarantees 1 hour response time in case of Severity 1 Level technical
issues, without asking you to pay for an extra premium support access.
Learn more about our Technical Support.

In a budget
restricted situation, what would it mean to your organization if you
could free up 50% of your Backup & Restore budget and associated
storage costs?

IT budgets are constrained, despite growing IT infrastructure needs.
Every IT department needs to look at its ''run rate'' costs to see if it
can free up money for new projects. This is not easy. Is your existing
vendor willing to work with you to find a satisfying solution for both
parties to help you achieve this goal?

Bacula Systems does not sell a license, does not
charge by number of CPU's, nor by data volume. Bacula Systems offers
different levels of subscriptions that include Bacula Enterprise
Edition, technical support, patches, updates and upgrades. This allows
you greater financial flexibility as well as a better Backup &
Restore solution; all with the knowledge that you will be supported when
you need it and will be paying a fraction of your existing vendors'
costs. To know what would be the investment to ensure the best Backup
& Restore infrastructure, contact us.

Contact us to know more about Bacula Enterprise Edition,
the only open source Enterprise Backup & Restore software that will
help you avoid paying astronomical fees to proprietary solution
vendors. Ask Bacula Systems for a free assessment of your Backup & Restore infrastructure.

For more information, www.baculasystems.com/contactus

Bacula Systems SA
Rue Galilee 5
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains
+41 21 641 60 80



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Rob Morrison Rob on LinkedIn

Rob Morrison is the marketing director at Bacula Systems. He started his IT marketing career with Silicon Graphics in Switzerland, performing strongly in various marketing management roles for almost 10 years. In the next 10 years Rob also held various marketing management positions in JBoss, Red Hat and Pentaho ensuring market share growth for these well-known companies. He is a graduate of Plymouth University and holds an Honours Digital Media and Communications degree, and completed an Overseas Studies Program.

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