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Bacula Enterprise with Univention CS

UCS is an inexpensive and easy way to administer both server applications and entire IT infrastructures. Why? UCS is based on Open Source infrastructure so it can be implemented with little effort and is also suitable for the operation of distributed, heterogeneous and virtualized IT infrastructures, regardless of whether you use Microsoft Windows, OS-X or Linux systems.


Bacula Systems works closely with Univention to bring key benefits to IT departments using Bacula Enterprise Edition on UCS:

  1. Easy installation via the Univention App Center with a few clicks.
  2. Bacula Enterprise Edition is ready to use for both your evaluation (30 day trial period) and production use.
  3. UCS is an operating platform with advanced capabilities for infrastructure and identity management. The Univention App Center provides many third party business solutions, of which Bacula Enterprise Edition provides highly scalable, enterprise-grade backup and restore for each UCS system and its entire environment.
  4. Bacula is certified and approved for UCS. Customers are provided with software maintenance and professional support for both solutions from the respective vendor.



Coupled with Bacula Enterprise Edition, UCS is optimally suited for the provision of infrastructure services as well as for the central, cross-location and cross-platform administration of virtualized server and desktop systems. The self-explanatory web interface makes administration simple and possible from any client.

The introduction is also simple as UCS can be easily integrated into existing IT environments, thanks to standard interfaces and easy-to-use connectors.


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Access the Bacula Enterprise Edition Guide For Univention Corporate Server Users here