Bacula Enterprise Edition.

The Best Data Backup Solution For Demanding IT Departments.


Bacula Enterprise Edition is a subscription-based data backup solution which empowers data centers to truly escape data volume price traps. High numbers of organizations worldwide have adopted Bacula Enterprise in mission critical environments because of its advanced features and ability to handle high data volume at especially low cost.

Bacula Enterprise Edition delivers innovation with exceptional software stability, bringing modern, highly scalable backup and restore to data centers and IT departments. Its modern, modular and multi-threaded design are just some of the benefits that Bacula Enterprise customers acknowledge here.

Large IT departments now have an Open Core, certified enterprise-class network data recovery solution as a better alternative to proprietary offerings.

Bacula Enterprise Edition version 8:


Bacula Enterprise Edition version 8 Components

Enterprise class performance –  Bacula Enterprise Edition is known on the market to achieve almost unlimited scalability and to be gentle on your systems and network resources with notably a very small memory footprint while leveraging the full capacity of your infrastructure .

Lower Total Cost of Ownership – with Open Core software, you can say good-bye to high license fees and license-based maintenance costs. Try out Bacula Enterprise and calculate your backup system costs with a ZERO license fee, and see why our customers, like Polfa Warszawamade the move.

Zero Risk – Bacula Systems’ experts know backup, and bring their experience to your organization directly, through a Support subscription package that offers up to 24/7 online assistance, knowledge base, patches and updates.

No vendor lock-in – Put yourself back in control to make the right decisions, rather than being held to ransom by a proprietary vendor every time you want to extend functionality, or scale up. Free yourself from vendor lock-in forever.


“Bacula Systems Support is outstanding!”

Klaus Horak, head of BE3SM, WAVE Solutions (a subsidiary of Bank Austria)

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“Bacula Systems provided us with state of the art backup and restore technology at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.”

Paweł Moszumański, CIO at Polfa Warszawa

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