Ease and Fast VMware Backup Software. The industry leading VMware backup solution

Bacula Systems’ VMware backup solution is used to perform backups and especially fast data recovery of your VMware ESXi hosts using vSphere with Bacula Enterprise Edition 8. The VMware backup software also provides fast virtual machine bare metal recovery and especially quick Single File Restore.



This VMware backup software also enables users to backup VMware at guest level. The Bacula’s VMware backup solution can work either over a SAN or via Network Block Device. The backup tool for VMware virtual machines integrates VMware’s Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology to ensure that only the blocks that were modified since the initial Full, or the previous Differential or Incremental backup are relayed to the current Differential or Incremental backup stream, providing markedly more efficient backups and a lighter network load.

This Single File Restore capability for VMware backup solution comes with industry-leading speed and convenience. Finding and restoring single files is now so fast and easy, you need to see it to believe it.

VMware backup solution

Key Benefits of VMware Backup Solution from Bacula Systems:

•  Single File Restore
•  VADP-based online backups
•  VSS-based guest snapshots for quiescing VSS-based applications
•  Full, Differential and Incremental image-level backups of virtual machines (and VMware consolidated backup with Progressive Virtual Full)
•  Restores complete virtual machine image
•  Restores vmdk files to alternate directory
•  Supports both TCP/IP and SAN (FC/ISCSI) VMware Datastore access
•  vStorage API Data Protection
•  vCenter Backup

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The VMware backup tool is available for the following platforms:

  • RHEL 5 and 6, 64bit
  • Debian Squeeze 6 64bit

Our VMware backup solution is compatible with the following environments:

  • Bacula Enterprise 6.x and higher
  • ESX/ESXi versions 4.0, 4.1, 5.1, 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 with the vStorage API enabled.

Rapid File-Level Recovery in VMware environments. So fast. So simple.

Bacula Enterprise Edition’s file level recovery for VMware delivers user-friendly rapid recovery combined with usability. Locating and restoring individual files is so quick and convenient, life has never been easier for a sys-admin. Across complete physical environments, from virtual machines, to entire servers, apps, specific folders or files: even granular application objects, this high performance backup VMware tool combined with Bacula Enterprise scales up for advanced backup and data restore in even the largest data centers. All delivered with a cost efficiency that is second to none.

Single File Restore for VMware backup software becomes particularly useful when you need to restore from a backup copy of a virtual machine a critical data file that has become corrupted or lost for some reason. Want to avoid restoring an entire virtual machine? Frequently, recovery cases only require single files to be restored from a backup of VMware VM. In these cases, you can now save yourself a lot of effort and time – and just recover the individual files that you need.

Perform Single File Restore From a Huge Range of VMware Solutions
Bacula Enterprise Edition can do File Level Restores (FLR) for any Virtual Machine running Guest OS’s and File Systems that VMware supports. Bacula’s Single File Restore for VMware VMs is compatible with an impressive range of systems, including Linux, Windows, LVM support, EXT3, EXT4, and XFS, Windows FAT, NTFS, multidrive – and many more. Full, Differential and Incremental backup are all supported. The Single File Restore feature works over SAN or via NBD.

Enjoy Interface Flexibility When Doing Backup of VMware VMs

Single File Restore can be via either text interface, or BWeb Management Suite. So you get the opportunity to use customized scripts, or use an easy, informative GUI interface to backup VMware. Or mix and match as you require. See an example of one of the Single File Restore GUI’s here.

Increased efficiency and speed with Global Endpoint Deduplication and Progressive Virtual Full

Further speed and productivity improvements are typically possible with Bacula System’s unique Global Endpoint Deduplication, along with a spectrum of specialist VMware utilities for advanced control. Global Endpoint Deduplication is a high performance technology that optimizes data at the block level, then stores just the new blocks – using references in Bacula volumes to blocks that are kept in the Deduplication engine. It saves significant storage space and also network bandwidth; this works principally by only sending (via the File Daemon) unknown blocks to the Storage Daemon. VMware backup solution is available with our innovative Progressive Virtual Full technology allowing users to consolidate incremental backups and create Virtual Full. This technology saves resources on the client side by getting data from local storage, and putting everything together to build the new ‘Full’, locally.

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