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Bacula Systems: A Red Hat Advanced ISV Partner

By gaining pre-release access to upcoming versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux through the Red Hat Ready program, Bacula Systems can ensure that its products can be tested and certified in a timely manner as they become available.

Bacula Systems also look forward to leveraging Red Hat’s brand and expertise in the Linux market now that the certification further validates its position as the worlds leading Enterprise Open Core Backup and Restore solution.

Membership in the program ensures customers that Bacula Systems’ Backup and Restore software solutions for Linux have been tested for and are certified with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and are compliant with Red Hat’s guidelines for interoperability.

A strategic partnership with Red Hat, the Advanced Software Partner Program is only available by invitation and to market leaders in their respective categories. Enterprise customers seeking Network Backup software will now be able to locate Bacula Systems’ Backup and Restore products for Linux in the Red Hat Software Catalog as jointly compatible, supported and developed solutions.

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