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Mission and Values for Providing the Best Backup and Data Recovery Software

Our Mission

Bacula Systems is committed to providing the best backup and data recovery software and services that allows data centers to grow profitably and responsibly. Bacula Systems strives to ensure its solutions are highly reliable, stable and innovative, and that it creates value for its clients’ organizations by helping them to achieve their security, sustainability and profitability goals.
A key element of our mission is to share our expert knowledge, to directly and significantly reduce backup and restore costs for large – and very large – data centers. By making a personal and team commitment to our mission, we can ensure our services meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Values


Fostering integrity throughout Bacula Systems enables us to build solid, worthwhile and long lasting relationships. Our integrity is evident in the transparency of our work approach, our corporate culture of fairness, and our actions relative to our mission.



Attention to detail at the most professional level is the cornerstone of our approach to quality. We are very proud of the quality of our services and the way we produce our software conforming to industry best practices: – right down to the outstanding quality of the software code to ensure industry-leading reliability


Understanding our customer’s needs and being highly creative ensures outstanding value for our clients. The expertise of our team allows us to stay at the forefront of our field of technology,


Trust and Reliability

Overall, we care about being trustworthy and reliable. We listen to our customers and to our colleagues, respecting their views and opinions. We are always polite, honest and friendly and we take responsibility in achieving our goals.