Brazil's Regional Court of Justice Protects its Data and Enjoys Outstanding ROI Using Bacula Enterprise and Bacula Brasil e América Latina

Labor Court Representative:
«We have enjoyed and excellent ROI, primarily due to the freedom to allow significant data volume growth without an increase in license costs»

The Challenge

The Regional Labor Court’s IT department were looking for a back-compatibility with the collection of backups that were already in place. We also wanted a solution that did not charge or license us by data volume. The Labor Court initially installed Bacula community version after the license agreement of another backup and recovery tool expired. “After some time though, we decided that it would be much better to take advantage of Bacula’s supported version – called Bacula Enterprise, as well as Bacula Brasil e América Latina and Bacula System’s Support Services” said the Labor Court’s representative.

The Regional Labor Court identified a need for manufacturer support and a backup solution, to be integrated into an IT environment that, among other technologies, included approximately 300 backup clients, both physical and virtual, a data volume of around 120 TB, Linux and Windows servers, Oracle and Postgres databases , LTO tape storage as well as disk storage. The Regional Labor Court seeked compatibility with these and other technologies planned for the future, and needed to work with a collection of backups already made and without licensing by data volume.

The Solution

Bacula Systems and Bacula Brasil e América Latina helped The Regional Labor Court to install Bacula Enterprise, to deliver ease of use, extreme stability and reliability. “It’s annual subscription model meant that costs were very reasonable, especially because its backup licensing model that has no data volume charges“, said a representative of the The Regional Labor Court .

Bacula Systems’ support department and Bacula Brasil e América Latina provided responsive, high level expertise assistance during the implementation phase, and additional knowledge transfer to ensure the implementation worked correctly and was deployed according to best practices.

The Result

Initial planning through to development to deployment was done in two months. The migration to Bacula Enterprise was completed with no significant issues. “Since then, we have enjoyed and excellent ROI, primarily due to the freedom to allow significant data volume growth without an increase in license costs” said a spokesperson for The Regional Labor Court. “And Bacula’s licensing model is advantageous as it does not charge by data volume.


About the São Paulo Justiça do Trabalho (Regional Labor Court)

The Regional Labor Court is the branch of the judiciary that deals with matters relating to work and its relations. It reconciles and judges lawsuits between workers and employers and other controversies arising from the employment relationship, as well as claims arising from the fulfillment of its own sentences, including collective ones. The Labor Court bodies are the Superior Labor Court (TST), the Regional Labor Courts (TRTs) and the Labor Judges. The Labor Judges act in the Labor Courts and form the 1st instance of the Labor Court. The twenty-four (24) Regional Labor Courts are composed of Judges and represent the 2nd Instance of the Labor Court.

The Regional Labor Court – with approximately three thousand internal users – also has an Electronic Judicial Process system that serves the entire interior of the State of São Paulo (its lawyers and jurisdictions).

Modules and Tools Adopted: