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Get Started with Cloud Storage and Bacula Enterprise!

For cloud computing installations, particularly IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), bytemine and Bacula Systems have partnered to provide hosted Bacula Enterprise support at ProfitBricks.



As a result of this, ProfitBricks is now providing its customers with a backup appliance with a chance to test or use the powerful backup software Bacula Enterprise. One exciting aspect of this model is that costs are calculated by the number of clients, not by data volume, just like our model here at Bacula Systems. This opens the way for a Data Center to massively reduce costs, as well as improve its backup and restore strategy. This impressive solution has been created by a joint effort between Bacula Systems S.A, bytemine GmbH, and ProfitBricks GmbH.

How does it work?

ProfitBricks offers an image that is a basic Bacula Enterprise install; this version most likely covers everything you might need to get started with cloud storage and Bacula Enterprise. The end result is that you can use Bacula in the cloud to build a state-of-the-art, solid backup environment.



To enable you to get started quickly, the appliance has been provided with a concise “How-To” guide. This guide does a good job of showing you around the key components of Bacula Enterprise, and gives some basic examples on how to use Bacula and extend your setup. Much of the guide is done using BWeb Management Suite, which is the extremely powerful GUI from Bacula Systems.

If a customer decides to use the appliance in production, he or she may license the software for a monthly fee per accumulating Backup Client as required, with no minimum contract period. This means the customer has access to all Enterprise plugins at Bacula Systems. Should questions arise, the customer gets access to bytemine’s fantastic customer support, in addition to extensive product documentation.

bytemine also supports you with individually tailored consulting and advise on both simple and complex setups in on-premise, and cloud environments.

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