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Announcing Bacula Enterprise Version 16

Bacula is proud to announce Bacula Enterprise Version 16 – with more significant and exciting technologies than ever before.

Just some of the new capabilities of Bacula’s latest version are:

  • Augmented in-cloud Hypervisor functionality
  • New SaaS backup technologies
  • New cloud plug-ins
  • State of the art security enhancements.

Already one of the most secure and reliable backup solutions in the industry, especially the Defense and Government sectors, Bacula is fast becoming the clear leader in secure architecture and ransomware protection – head and shoulders in front of other vendors.

As some organization choose to move away from VMware, Bacula presents an unparalleled capability to deliver natively-integrated backup for VMware and many other types of Hypervisor. This includes Hyper-V, Xen, Red Hat Virtualization, Nutanix, KVM and Proxmox. The same amazing breadth of capability exists for containers: Bacula comprehensively covers Docker, Kubernetes and is certified for OpenShift. It is even OpenStack friendly: if you have an OpenStack project contact us now to find out the many ways Bacula can help.

The most powerful backup tool on the market. Multi-cloud, multi-environment and multi-OS backups in one tool


Remember, Bacula has the proven ability to cut your organization’s costs, greatly increase its security levels and provide cross-organization data recovery, all from a single platform. Use the form below to download the PDF and get information in advance of the announcement or contact Bacula’s technicians, and find out how its:

  • New security capabilities can help you achieve the highest levels of security for a backup system available in the industry
  • New Cloud plugins present you with more freedom to cut costs than ever before
  • New SaaS capabilities, such as Google Workspace and M365 increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • New VM functionalities, such as Azure and Nutanix, now delivers the broadest hypervisor coverage of any backup provider in the world
  • New storage technologies raise the bar in terms of high efficacy deduplication, and new Cloud storage controls give you amazing flexibility
  • New Web-based GUI brings ease-of-use and high speed data recovery in just a few clicks

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