“The most powerful backup tool on the market.”

Rogerio Goncalves, Navisite

This review comes from TrustRadius

Use Cases and Deployment Scope

Bacula Enterprise is used as a main backup tool for the firm, and is used to backup virtual machines, file servers, database servers and so on. Due to the flexibility and power of  Bacula Enterprise, we were able to achieve impressive numbers when compared to another tool in the market” said Rogerio.

Navisite achieved a quantity of backup jobs within a backup window that no other tool had achieved before using the same infrastructure. “Some of the Bacula Enterprise competitors are well fitted for a certain task like Virtual Machines backups or Database backups. Bacula Enterprise, with its flexibility and plugins, was able to achieve the same level of performance of all other tools together, reducing the complexity of the environment and the team’s learning curve“, said Rogerio.

Bacula’s Support

“The support is impressive. They are always available and ready to answer any sort of questions. Although Bacula Enterprise requires a good and deep Linux knowledge to be well operated, the support team provided recommendations that were not related to the product but helped the overall performance” said Rogerio.

“Bacula Enterprise is well suited for small or big companies. It is very well documented, powerful and flexible. You can run all the components on a single server as well as in a distributed installation to achieve scale. There is no ‘too much’ data for Bacula Enterprise” said Rogerio.

Advantages of using Bacula Enterprise:

  • “Extremely flexible and powerful, giving the operator confidence in what is happening”
  • “Multi-cloud, multi-environment and multi-OS backups in one tool”


About Navisite

With well over 1’000 employees, Navisite is a modern managed cloud service provider that accelerates digital transformation for thousands of growing and established global brands. Through its comprehensive portfolio of enterprise application and cloud services, proven delivery methodologies and global team of highly specialized experts across technologies, platforms and industries, it provides the capabilities and practical guidance customers need to move their businesses forward. Navisite’s headquarters are in Andover, Massachusetts, United States.