dass IT

Philipp Storz
Director, dass IT
«Bacula Enterprise is extremely reliable, and it’s perfect for large, mission-critical IT environments.»

The Challenge

dass IT searched hard for a backup technology solution without major bugs. In the Open Source space in particular, there seemed to be no true enterprise class, highly scalable solution. “Everything out there seemed to perform unpredictably, and was over-complicated in design”, said Philipp.

Eventually, dass IT discovered Bacula, and began testing it. dass IT found that Bacula’s technology had professional quality; “even better than some of the leading proprietary products” said Philipp Storz. Most urgently, dass IT needed a backup solution for its own requirements. But as dass IT began to learn of the advanced features and capabilites of Bacula, the company started to recommend Bacula to its clients, which include some large enterprises with mission-critical IT environments. “That Bacula performed so well as a networked backup solution was definitely the most important thing. But the fact that Bacula is also Open Source was the icing on the cake”, said Jörg Steffens, co-founder of dass IT.

The Solution

“When we discovered how reliable Bacula is, we took it to our own customers”, said Philipp. “The fact that Bacula supports Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. also gives us a strong advantage, because in large enterprises, you typically find a broad mix of different platforms. For example”, Philipp went on to explain,” one of our largest clients was having problems with their legacy backup solution. Migrating them to Bacula was not difficult, and saved our client a significant amount of money. More importantly though, our customer’s previous high maintenance problems have now been resolved, thanks to Bacula’s flexible architecture. This has resulted in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) . Today, our client happily relies exclusively on Bacula.”

“Another thing that helps dass IT is that Bacula’s documentation is clear, concise and has a professional style. Also, Bacula’s code is clean and solid. But even better is its special architecture which allows special customizations that would be unrealistic with proprietary solutions. The bottom line is that Bacula Enterprise does what its meant to do. And that’s what dass IT and its customers need”.

The Benefits

“We are lucky to have great in-house expertise in Bacula. But it’s even better to know we have Bacula Systems right behind us”, said Jörg. “With Bacula Systems, we have the core developers at hand”, said Philipp. “Most importantly, the business opportunity that Bacula Systems Partner Program brings to dass IT is huge. That’s because nearly all customers have significant backup requirements. But customers with proprietary software pay a lot of money, plus they lose a lot of time trying to add different computer platforms. So their Total Cost of Ownership is really high.”

“As Bacula Systems’ pricing structure is so competitive, our customers can clearly see the benefits, and this opens great opportunities for us to grow our business”, said Philipp.

About dass IT

dass IT GmbH was founded in 2004 by former Senior Consultants of Suse Linux AG. dass IT is primarily a systems integrator, offering support and consulting around Linux and Open Source. dass IT focuses on System Management solutions, automated installations, integration of Linux-based servers and services into existing complex IT infrastructures.