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NAS backup software solutionBacula Enterprise NAS Backup Solution is the best open source product designed to address the data protection requirements of IT organizations in charge of NAS-based infrastructures that can not afford to purchase any additional expensive NAS backup software because of the budget needed for high-quality network attached devices.

Bacula Enterprise open source NAS backup software is composed of Bacula Enterprise Edition, the NDMP tool, Bare Metal Recovery for Linux and the Accelerator for NetApp. This NAS auto backup solution can be deployed and configured in a typical Bacula Enterprise environment in a matter of hours – the best way to backup NAS.

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Best NAS backup software benefits

  • All-in-one standalone NAS backup system including both NDMP and Accelerator for NetApp features
  • Convenient single file restore for NetApp NAS
  • Reliable full and incremental backup of your multi-vendor NAS backup server
  • Fast block-level image backup of NetApp filers (SMTAPE)
  • Bare metal recovery of NAS backup server (using Bacula Enterprise Linux BMR)
  • NAS backup solution with unlimited scalability
  • Tape and disk support in our NAS backup system
  • Save storage space with Global Endpoint Deduplication while doing remote NAS backup
  • Comm-line compression helps to save network bandwidth which is useful for NAS cloud backup
  • NAS auto backup: backup job scheduler, scripting before or after backup NAS jobs, job verification mechanism
  • Encryption between NAS backup system elements for better security levels

Open Source NAS cloud backup

  • Best way to backup NAS to Amazon Cloud Drive (using Amazon S3 tool)
  • NAS backup system for MS Azure Cloud

Bacula’s NAS backup software is exclusively available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms version 5 and 6 so that NAS backup for Linux becomes available.

The Bacula Enterprise NAS backup solution is compatible with the following NAS devices:

  • Hitachi BlueArc (Bacula Enterprise 6 and higher)
  • EMC Celera (Bacula Enterprise 6 and higher)
  • NetApp with Data ONTAP 7.3 and higher

The best remote NAS backup solution from Bacula Systems is also compatible with a wide range of other filers.

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  • BWeb™ Management Suite is a comprehensive GUI management suite for NAS server backup that provides the data reports, core metrics and analysis that system administrators need to provide to managers.
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