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Client Initiated Backup with Bacula Enterprise

Bacula Enterprise: Functionality. Convenience. Efficiency.

Now Bacula Enterprise brings more control and flexibility than ever before. Version 8.6’s brand new Client Initiated Backup feature adds to a huge breadth of functionality, bringing independence to end-users and enabling non-technical individuals to choose what data to backup and when regarding their own PC’s and laptops. This convenient feature facilitates higher levels of productivity and safety within an Enterprise or MSP.

The Client Initiated Backup feature is easily accessed via the tray monitor, and provides a simple GUI for end-users to manage specific backup of their own data.

Parameters include choosing the backup job, and specifying date and time.

Advanced parameters are: level of backup, selection of the client to backup from, the FileSet, Pool and priority settings.



Using either GUI (BWeb Management Suite™) or a command line interface, Enterprise Editions’ Client Initiated Backup means System Administrators can now manage complex network configurations using:

  • Bacula Director centralized model
  • Bacula Director and Storage Daemon centralized model
  • Client Initiated Backup (client centralized model)

Client Initiated Backup: For Improving Services to MSP Customers

MSP’s can now offer their customers a backup tool that is integrated into their services, and accessed by their customers via an easy to use GUI. For customers of MSP’s, this means having fast, direct control over backup of their own data. It’s a win-win!


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Bacula Enterprise version 8.6 delivers the ability to run multiple concurrent VSS jobs (snapshots) together with new BWeb Management Suite capabilities.

Performing remote commands on remote hosts (includes Win, Lin and Unix). Sysadmins can now use BWeb to do specific actions, for example, restarting a file deamon. No need to login to the remote host. All can be done within the BWeb interface. There is no need to remember login passwords and IP addresses. To find specific hosts, authentication parameters only need defining once, and locating specific hosts afterwards is quick and easy.
Encryption keys can also be assigned to specific hosts. These keys can be easily maintained and managed. The SSH Communications Key feature means logging in to remote hosts is fast and easy, The passphrase can be assigned simply to a Key, instead of assigning it to the system.
Selection of multiple files and directories in VMware Single File Restore. Using simple drag and drop techniques, sys-admins can now select a single disk or all disks.  This means they can choose to see data from a single disk – saving time -or browse data from all disks.
New option to auto-detect a system disks’ layout. The system disk layout view allowing comprehensive browsing of virtual machine disks.

Deduplication Usage Statistics. Users can see how deduplication is used in what storage media, deduplication ratios with graphics, comparison efficiency of deduplication, etc., and many other deduplication parameters and statistics.
Advanced search tool to rapidly find data in tables, even by entering successive, complex key words,
Run Job Wizard. For more intuitive interaction when starting jobs, backup and other tasks that Bacula Enterprise offers, such as ‘copy job’ and ‘migration job’. Also 2 new wizards enable easy and fast creation of copy job and migration job. Used for copying backups from one volume to another.

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Further help:

  • BWeb™ Management Suite is a comprehensive GUI management suite for Bacula Enterprise that provides the data reports, core metrics and analysis that system administrators need to provide to managers. Contact us for a demonstration.
  • Training is available in different locations, depending on the Certified Bacula Systems Training Center you choose.