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The new Selective Migration Plan has 2 Free Plugins!

  • December 9, 2015

It's true.

If you are a user of any open source backup solution and are looking to move up to an Enterprise solution for a realistic price, then the Selective Migration Plan is the way to go. Bundled with a bunch of extra's and components to help you migrate smoothly, quickly and successfully, this is a great program not to be missed. What's more is that any orders received before December 31st 2015 get two free plugins (of your choice!) for the first year, instead of one.

Of course, there are a huge choice of plugins to consider. But the gist of the offer is this:

- The new, feature-rich Bacula Enterprise Edition 8
- 2 free plugins of your choice with your first year subscription, if ordered before December 31st 2015
- 1 day of remote consulting
- Attractive discounts on training for Bacula users upgrading to Bacula Enterprise Edition

Full details await you here.

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