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The February Newsletter: Data Security, REST API and more.

  • February 6, 2015

Dear Bacula Enthusiasts,

The Bacula Systems February newsletter is now out, where the main theme is concerned with how data security is a key issue for so many of us. The more digital data each company accumulates and the more these companies come to rely on that data, the more critical it becomes. In turn, this data then becomes more tempting to others.

As we see governments scramble with legislation to keep up with data vulnerability issues, and leaders of organizations become more concerned, the pressures on individual IT managers increase greatly. In these testing times, I am proud that major organizations are turning to Bacula Systems to safeguard and encrypt their critical data, along with smaller businesses that simply want to benefit from our economical advantages.

Don't miss the interview with Dr. Kern Sibbald on why open source often outperforms proprietary security solutions. This newsletter also covers new technologies such as Rest API, and you can also access our new deduplication calculators, too.

With a larger choice of dates and venues than ever before, the newsletter gives details of our courses , where you can get the only authentic and official training in all things Bacula.

The end of 2014 saw an acceleration in technical development at Bacula Systems. In the area of virtualization, the new KVM plugin is now well on the way, as are a number of other virtualization plugins. Indeed, 2015 looks set to be Bacula Systems' most exciting year yet, with faster growth and more technology announcements planned than ever before. I hope you enjoy finding out more in the newsletter.
Talk to you soon,

Frank Barker
Bacula Systems CEO

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