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Bacula Systems Among 20 Most Valuable Storage Companies 2016

  • May 30, 2016

Bacula Systems Recognized in 20 Most Valuable Storage Companies 2016 Listing

Storage U

Bacula Systems has been chosen among the 20 Most Valuable Storage Companies for 2016. Key reasons to its success were its wide range of customizable features, together with its unique pricing model that helps data centers to save big.

Data centers are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of a solid security strategy, and backup and data recovery is right up there in the priority list. The complexity a typical data center has to deal with, and the rapid rate of change of its environment hardly help matters.

Partly fueling this rate of change is the huge growth of data volume - and the bottom line is that high value, easily scalable and flexible data backup and recovery solutions are in increasing demand. But any solution has to make financial sense. This article about the solution Bacula Systems brings to the table looks into some of the strategic and technical needs of the modern data center.

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