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Bacula Systems Extends Open Source Backup and Restore Leadership

Bacula Systems Extends Open Source Backup and Restore Leadership with Bacula Enterprise

Posted by Rob Morrison, Yverdon-Les-Bains, Tuesday July 07 2009

Enterprise-class, Open Source Network Backup and Restore Solution Brings High-Value, Low-Cost Opportunity to IT Departments.

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland – July 7, 2009 – Bacula Systems SA, the world’s leading provider of Open Source network backup and restore solutions, today announced the worldwide availability of Bacula Enterprise 2.6. Large IT departments now have an Open Source, enterprise-class scalable network backup solution as a realistic alternative to proprietary applications.

The Enterprise Edition combines the leading Open Source backup and restore platform, Bacula, with administration and management tools into a single integrated, tested, and certified platform. Customers can now benefit from enhanced production support subscriptions that include everything needed to deploy and host Bacula Systems backup and restore technologies. Bacula’s Open Source backup solution and subscription puts customers back in control of their mission-critical IT infrastructure, enabling them to drive down costs and avoid vendor lock-in.

The primary features of the new Bacula Enterprise include:

  • Increased scalability up to thousands of servers and clients.
  • High speed: backup to LT03 tape drives at 150 MB / sec.
  • Modern, modular and multi-threaded design.
  • Exceptionally stable network backup and data verification in large IT environments.
  • Advanced levels of security built in every layer.
  • Backup to disk, tape, and robotic media libraries.
  • High availability in a clustered environment.

Enterprise Edition’s features, provided to customers through a subscription model, deliver enhanced scalability and reliability to enable customers to run the most demanding workloads on a more affordable platform. “With Enterprise Edition, Bacula Systems has delivered a rich set of features, developed through rapid innovation with the Open Source community, that can increase the capability and significantly drive down the cost of customers’ IT,” said Dr. Kern Sibbald, CTO and Chairman of Bacula Systems. “With the challenge to reduce costs and IT budgets, the flexibility, reliability and simplicity of a Bacula Systems Subscription has more value to customers than ever”, added Sibbald.

SdV Plurimédia, a large Networked IT and Internet service provider to large television, newspaper and media companies, increasingly found the licensing terms of its proprietary backup software inflexible, inhibiting its ability to scale to meet market demands. “Bacula Systems Professional Services has allowed us to make the transition from proprietary backup software, and escape vendor lock-in. Its backup solution is safe, dependable, and delivers high performance. Bacula Systems support services are of very high quality”, said Salim Gasmi, CTO of SdV Plurimédia.

“The fact is that most enterprises are paying far more than they need to for their backup and restore applications”, said Jack Griffin, CEO of Bacula Systems. “Bacula Enterprise presents a more modern architecture at much lower cost. No enterprise should feel forced to continue using a proprietary backup solution, and I expect that many IT departments will now want to review their choice of backup technology”, added Griffin.

Bacula Systems is also rapidly expanding its partner network, which includes Red Hat, Mandriva in France, dass IT in Germany, and announced today a new distributorship with SPI, in Italy. Bacula Systems Enterprise Edition offers support for the following platforms: Unix, Solaris, AIX, Windows, Red Hat, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Ubuntu, and can be built from source on all Linux distributions as well as most Unix distributions. Bacula System is compatible with databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres SQL and Ingres.

Bacula Enterprise is issued under the GPL Open source license. Subscription support for Bacula Enterprise is immediately available today directly from Bacula Systems, or from Bacula Systems resellers. For more information, visit https://www.baculasystems.com

About Bacula Systems SA

Bacula Systems is headquartered in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, and offers enterprise-level support for Bacula Open Source networked backup software, through its subscription, training and other support services. Bacula increases reliability and can cut IT backup costs significantly. The Bacula Open Source Backup and Recovery Platform is the only fully Open Source solution for networked backup, data recovery and verification of computer data, offering a ten times lower cost structure vs. proprietary systems, higher reliability and proven performance in mission-critical enterprise environments. More information at https://www-test.baculasystems.com

About SdV Plurimédia

Serving leading television, newspaper and media companies, SdV Plurimédia is a complete IT architect and integrator of networked IT and internet servers. With more than 1000 servers deployed, SdV Plurimédia provides expertise, hosting and other services for the design, creation and operation of Networked IT and Internet servers. SdV Plurimédia is based in Strasbourg, France. For more information, contact http://www.sdv.net

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