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New data backup and recovery case study from Armazem Paraiba

  • June 2, 2017 (Last Updated: January 19, 2022), Rob Morrison

“Bacula Enterprise Edition is so stable and reliable that we would not want to use anything else.”

Josué Campelo Chaves, Senior Operation Manager at Armazem Paraiba


Bacula Systems customers are always happy to talk about the high level of success they experience with Bacula Enterprise Edition, and Armazem Paraiba in Brazil is no exception. Armazem Paraiba is a leading Brazilian retail group of department stores, among the largest retail chains in the country with more than 15,000 direct employees. Retail chains especially appreciate Bacula Enterprise Edition because of its large feature range, flexibility, limitless data capabilities, combined with very low cost.

“Previously, we were just using a variety of scripts to do our data backup. But then we started looking at professional solutions and were attracted to Bacula Enterprise Edition because it is an open source-based solution that is both scalable and enterprise-grade. It also has centralized management and monitoring of its backup and recovery”, said Josué Campelo Chaves, Senior Operation Manager at Armazem Paraiba.

Being compatible with an especially broad range of operating systems was high on Armazem Paraiba's strict requirement list for a backup solution: “It was not easy to find a solution that could handle all that, especially because we also needed absolute reliability when it came to restoring data, including single file recovery of VMware-based data. Finally, we wanted a solution that freed us from data volume charges but also offered quality technical support” said Josué.

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Rob Morrison Rob on LinkedIn

Rob Morrison is the marketing director at Bacula Systems. He started his IT marketing career with Silicon Graphics in Switzerland, performing strongly in various marketing management roles for almost 10 years. In the next 10 years Rob also held various marketing management positions in JBoss, Red Hat and Pentaho ensuring market share growth for these well-known companies. He is a graduate of Plymouth University and holds an Honours Digital Media and Communications degree, and completed an Overseas Studies Program.

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